Where have all the Enbrighten zigbee receptacles gone?

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Has anyone been able to find the Jasco/GE Enbrighten zigbee receptacles recently? Got one a year or so ago when they had recently been released, but no luck since then.

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I've looked for them on and off and just don't find them, new, used, or otherwise.

Pretty likely @rlithgow1 has several hundred stashed in his basement waiting for the Zigbee Apocalypse, but for sure he's not going to give them up. :wink:

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@danabw I have about 7 I think...

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OK, so my estimate was just a little high... :wink:

You could retire early if you get the right price from @marktheknife... :smiley:

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It's a shame. I have a couple and they have worked really well, and have been good repeaters. Something tells me we will not be seeing them any more for whatever reason.

Presumably Jasco just didn't sell enough of them to make it worth their while to do both Z-Wave and Zigbee. So really it's our fault for not buying a ton of them... :wink:

i am sure i have a few as well in the basement.. i have 3 boxes of spare shiit.

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While I haven’t decommissioned any of my Jasco Zigbee receptacles (yet,) I am no longer longing for their return.

I think the Legrand Zigbee receptacles are equal in function*, and better looking to boot. (No obnoxious markings visible on faceplate.) I am replacing my Z-Wave recepts first, then moving to replace the Jasco Zigbees.

*There’s one minor issue with power reporting, and Mike M has pledged to have the fix in the next release. If that’s successful, I won’t have any issues with the Legrands.

i dont see any legrand zigbee outlets
at least not on amazon

On mobile and doing this from memory…

Model number should be WNRR15WH.

If Amazon doesn’t have any (they had some yesterday,) Home Depot also sells them for $5 more than AMZN.

Their part description doesn’t explicitly mention Zigbee (they’re pushing their proprietary hub,) but they pair and work perfectly with HE using Zigbee pairing and the Generic Zigbee Outlet stock driver. It has been reported elsewhere that these are Zigbee 3.0, so -if true- that may or may not be a consideration for C8 owners.

The part number specifies a 15A recept, and there is a 20A model available as well. These also have the unique feature of being able to control downstream outlets. I haven’t used that feature, though.

Pricing is a touch high if you buy retail, but I watch Amazon Warehouse and eBay. I have 2 or 3 that came from eBay and seem to be fine. All were claimed as new, a couple obviously weren’t, but they work fine.

thanks ya home depot has them not amazon.. got to check what spares i have. as like to keep a couple on each floor

how long have you had them.. would be interesting to see if they resist radio burnout during rapid power fluctuations like both the honeywell/jasco zwave/zigbee both exibited.

Probably not long enough for that issue to exhibit itself. My oldest is only 2 months old, and those 2 are not in daily use. I do have 1 in daily use that has been installed for a month with no issues.

OTOH, I did receive a bad unit from Amazon warehouse. The uncontrolled outlet worked fine, but the 'smart' portion of the recept was completely dead. Controlled outlet was dead, radio and LED, as well. Obviously, there's no way of knowing what happened to it (and I got a full refund, so no real harm other than unnecessarily dragging my test rig out for pairing.)

Not trying to argue or push, but Amazon shows them for me.


thanks they obviously dont come up under a zigbee outlet searCH AS there is no zigbee in the name

It just occurred to me that I was not completely accurate with my 'equal in function' statement, even allowing for the power reporting issue. The Legrand receptacles do not have a functional indicator light on the faceplate for on/off status. I'm not sure if one is programmable via their hub or not. It is not an issue for me, but I thought I would point it out in case it mattered to others. Apologies for the oversight.

It is also lacking an indication of which outlet is smart. :smile:

I consider that a feature, not a bug. Given the choice between Jasco and Legrand, I prefer the Legrand method.

Leviton probably handled it best. (Molded the lettering into the faceplate, but no contrasting markings to stand out.)

Every time I see this thread, I think of that old Peter Paul and Mary tune.