Where Do We Get A List For Things Like %device%

I have a few rules that are attempting to speak out what window is open if the AC or Heat comes on. But it will say "the air conditioner is open and the air conditioning is on". Should say "the Sliding Door Sensor is open and the air conditioner is on".
So I must be using the wrong word in between the %'s. I am using device between the percents but obviously that is wrong.
I looked in the docs but did not find it. Is there a list somewhere with explanations of what they do? thanks

No, you are using the right word. %device% is filled in with the device that triggered the rule. So, it is working correctly.
I would wait for Rule 3.0, this will become a lot easier when you have conditional actions. You'll be able to do a rule like:
Trigger: A/C on
If sliding door open then announce sliding door open
If Living Room window open announce living room window open
etc etc.

Today you would have to write a separate triggered rule for each window/door.


@Ryan780 Thanks I think waiting is the best way also. 3.0 will reduce the number of rules they say so that will be worth the wait.