Where did "status" go in Hub Update 2.0.6 just released

I had a few switches that weren't working that I've been trying to diagnose. They kept showing up as "inactive" in device details.

I installed 2.0.6 this morning and now there is no status

. What happened there?

I had a generic Z-Wave switch that you could turn on and off in the UI but would always show as active.
Did a power reset but it didn't make any difference.
I excluded and re-included it again and it is now working properly.
Not sure if this is the same issue you have.

BTW. Before I did it I did a screenshot of all the apps the device was subscribed to so that i could amend those apps and put the new device in those apps.

The "Status" was removed as it was not an accurate reflection of the device status. It was originally removed from the list of devices and this was missed and for consistency, it was removed in the device details.

Using the Events list, logging, past logs and last event date are accurate reflections of if the device has reported in recently or able to be controlled.

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Just to be clear, I frequently rely on the Last Activity field. That appears to be a representation of when a device last communicated with the hub. Is that an accurate statement?

Yes, Last Activity DateTime is a valid and useful field.


Got it. Thanks.

How does this Last Activity field get updated? Because I don't think it is accurate from looking at my logs previously. I have devices were I can see Zigbee log messages for those devices at a later time than the Last Activity field.


That actually looks correct to me. Looking at the Zigbee log the last time the device reported usable information it was to profile 0x104 cluster 0x1. That is for power reporting and is likely a battery report.

The one newest event is for the ZDO profile and looks like a match descriptor request. That’s a low level zigbee command and should not be considered as a measure of whether a device is communicating application level information (ie sensor, battery reports).

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It depends on the driver but the last activity field is updated when the driver does a sendEvent command. I've updated a few of my drivers to trigger this to say "i'm alive". The xiaomi devices will send that command anytime they do their battery report every hour (sometimes they miss) so its nice to use it for them.

From what I remember the status field would get set to inactive if the last activity was older than a day.

This use to mess me up because my zwave switches in rooms not often used would be marked as inactive just because no event was triggered. But they were still functioning just fine.


I, for one, really miss the indicators and find them useful, especially if they are set based on last communication from the device. Now I have to dig into every device to see the status at all.
I really wish we could have a toggle for the device status, as I found it very helpful, of course I would validate with the logs to be certain.

Why don't users have some kind of say in what stays and what goes? Just because some misinterpret what the status means, does not mean it's bad or useless.
It's all about learning and not making assumptions on what an indicator means.

No, you can just use the "Last Activity" column on the main "Devices" page--no need to open each device individually. If you sort on that column, it's pretty easy to use it this way.

Thanks, that's useful to know. Is there somewhere that explains how to interpret the information in these Zigbee messages?

Let me first go on record as saying that you asked for this... :slight_smile:

ZigBee Cluster Library Specification

Just a little light reading for you this weekend...


I really miss an option to get a notification if a device has not reported in some time, ex 1 day.