When will HE Thermostat Drivers support using Device Capabilities properly?

Hi @bobbyD and @bcopeland I'm very much loving my HE experience so far - however, I believe there is a very large gap that causes me some frustrations (and maybe others). That's the apparent inability of HE Thermostat drivers to query the device capabilities and configure themselves appropriately.

I found a workaround for my Zen Thermostats, and it partially worked on a Sensibo Sky v2 (community driver).

But this workaround doesn't work at all with some other thermostats like the Z-Wave Remotec ZXT-600 I've switched to in place of the Sensibo unit.

Despite it being configured with the correct code for my Daikin Split, I'm missing some supported fan modes (eg medium_low, Medium_high and quiet).

When programming these via RM it can be worked around to a certain extent, but it means Thermostat dashboard tiles don't work as they should and annoys my wife (Happy wife = happy life, right).

Any chance you could please address this apparent shortcoming (or educate me if I'm missing something obvious)?

We are aware of this issue, and intend to look at resolving it in the not distant future (not 2.2.4).


Cheers, I wasn't sure if I missing something obvious or not. :+1:

PS, 2.2.4 is working very nicely - it's a very impressive update!