When scanning for hub I get router IP

I have a pfsense router I don’t know if it matters but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

It sounds like you may have multiple vlans and multiple subnets.. And possibly something in place to relay multicast / broadcast packets..

Make sure that your hub is on the same ethernet segment / subnet as your computer that is doing the discovery..

Also.. Since you have a more advanced router.. You can also find it by looking at your dhcp lease table on your router


I’m only running a single network segment and I’ve check the dhcp lease table and I don’t see the device.

That’s strange.. You do have an Ethernet from the hub where it plugs into your switch?

And what is the color of the LED on the front of the hub?

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Ok i think i'm getting somewhere (LED is Blue):

After some manual intervention i managed to get the hub discovered via mac address but after clicking on the discovered hub it takes me to a new tab but now i'm getting connection refuse.

So i ran port scan and only port available is 8081 which is the Hubitat Diagnostic Tool

So weird


Ok.. at this point I think you may have an issue with your database..

I suggest reaching out to support@hubitat.com

But I am also pinging @bobbyD here

As I have not experienced any database issues I don't have any expertise past this point..


I've emailed support and thanks for the help.


Anytime.. I just didn’t want to lead you down the wrong path as that was the end of my experience on the platform, in the context of your problem.

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Try go to this page here and see if it finds your hub


Download the Hubitat app