When is it safe to remove Libraries or Bundles?

Couldn't find this particular topic elsewhere... When I go to Main Page > Libraries (or Bundles), I see what looks like orphaned code, but I'm not 100% certain they're not being used by other apps or drivers.

Judging from this screenshot, does it look safe to REMOVE? (If not, how do I tell?)

Bundles can be removed, as far as I know. The contents are placed into the respective locations during the import. After that, the bundle itself isn't used.

I don't have knowledge of Libraries... for Apps and Driver Code, attempted deletes will fail if the code is in use.

Good to know! I like to keep my hub streamlined, so was looking for cruft to eject. Appreciate the handholding.

Libraries have an Used By, if empty safe to remove, otherwise not.

Edit: Removed should as the feature already exists

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On one of my hubs, where I have your HPM Manifest Generator installed, I deleted the corresponding Library just now. No warning, so I think that yes, that's a valid feature request for @gopher.ny

(I thought ahead and grabbed the import URL before the delete and was able to get it re-added quite easily.)

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That's helpful clarification, since I wasn't convinced that apps[] and drivers[] represented empty arrays (thus safe to remove). Now I know.

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