When Hub mode switches to Sleeping, Turn All Lights off issues with delays

I have a current automation that when it hits midnight my hub switches to "Sleeping" as well we have the option when we go to bed we have some Zoozs switches by the bed that allows us to put the mode to "Sleeping" before midnight or we can use google and say good night to it to switch to sleeping.

This all works great but I have an issue that it seems to take forever to shut off all the lights. In the Rule engine i basicalls have:

When mode changes to sleeping turn off these switches

Some times it takes our room like 3 minutes to turn off and it seems like we cannot do anything else till this automation ends. Like if after 30 seconds we notice the light is not off and we tell google or use the Zoozs button beside me to turn it off it does not work. then like 2 minutes later it does what I asked it to.

What can i do to look to see what the issue is? My hub is the C-5 running

Can you post the full rule? What type of devices are in the rule (WiFi, Zigbee, Zwave)?

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You may want to enable the additional logging for the rule and together with events generated by each device you can get a good picture of where the hold up is. For more ideas on troubleshooting apps, please check out this document:

Hopefully this will help!

That's a lot of devices at one time, which is why it acts so slow. What type of lights are these?

If you switch to Rule Machine, you can use the “only turn off if on” option.
You are currently commanding ALL of those switches whether they are on or already off.

Also making several small groups and delay a few seconds between each group helps.

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They are al z-wave Inovelli or Zoos.. but they are all light switches

I thought they were phasing out Rule machine and replacing it with Basic Rules? or is it just for basic rules only?

Okay I updated it to a Rule Machine rule and added the option to only command the light if the switch is on because that's a great idea. I would assume that Hubitat would have some kind of buffer in their system to avoid this issue like a broadcast storm so only send a command every x milli-seconds to avoid this problem. Ill see how it runs tonight

I’m not an expert on this, but Z-wave can get quite chatty, and one flaky switch can babble and cause others to have to retry, thus slowing everything down.

Try my suggestions above, as they are easy to implement, and see if it helps.
Maybe, if you make groups, you can disable them one group at a time and see if there’s a bad actor.

A z-wave repair might help also. In z wave settings area.

I did try a repair. Last night it seems to have worked much faster like almost instant but I did still notice a slow down of the hub for about 1 minute after. I tried to turn on the under bed lights and it took 1 minute to respond, it turned on instantly but then refused to turn off after 5 attempts, same with the bedroom fan it would turn on instantly but took it a bit to respond to the power off command. I'm sure the hub is quite busy at this point but again I find it hard to believe that they dev's have not thought of this and to not do a 24 at once broadcast and cause a traffic jam.

Is this one:


The notorious zen25 model?

My Double Plugs are GE which i believe are made by Jasco, great thought though!

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Do you mind posting a screenshot of your Z-Wave Details table? How many Z-Wave devices do you have that are encrypted (S0 or S2)?