When activating a scene, two Hue bulbs consistently don't set correct color

Hubitat C8 on v2.3.6.146
CoCoHue app connected to Hue Bridge and all Hue light on bridge, not Hubitat. I'm already using Hue Groups

I have a Good Morning scene set up in Room Lighting which turns on all the lights in my apartment. Everything responds correctly except for 2 lights in my kitchen that are part of a Hue Group. It's always the same two lights and they turn on but their color is not set correctly. It remains what it was the last time the lights were on. If I activate the scene a second time, they will change to the right color.

Anything I can do to fix this? I tried using a larger Hue Group that basically encompasses everything but that worked even worse. I had some bulbs not coming on at all.

Here's the config:

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There is almost no way you're going to be able to control that many Hue bulbs and groups at the same time without running into problems or at least rate-limiting (if you check the logs for errors and see anything about that, there's at least something the driver could do). But a group is almost always a better choice.

The opposite should be true; the above would be worse in pretty much every case. I assume you mean a group on the Hue side (a room/zone), not a Hubitat group? The latter won't do anything different.

Assuming so: could there have been something else wrong? Did this work reliably from the Hue app? If not, maybe you're dealing with a Hue Zigbee network problem (poor range, bad channel, etc.).

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You were right, there was something else wrong. I accidently had one of my Inovelli switches in normal mode instead of smart bulb mode. Now that that is fixed and I'm using a "Home" Hue group for all the hue bulbs this scene controls, it's working correctly.