WHDZ03 16A Zigbee Smart Plug

I have just received some 16A Smart plugs WHDZ03 ( I have had a couple of the Ewei SA-003 10A sockets weld the relay contacts together so they don't switch off (2kW heater).

The WHDZ03's detected fine with my C7, but had no device, type so I chose Generic Zigbee outlet, as the SA-003s detected as.

Hit Configure and the sockets work fine and seem to have a power reading, which is roughly 1/10th of what I expect the load would be.

The only settings available are Enable automatic power reporting, with a setting of Disabled, or 1W up to 500W, and flash rate.

Has anyone got a driver for these that would allow modification of the power figure to display the actual power?

Post a screenshot of the "Data" section at the bottom of the device page.

Power readings compared to Aeotec Smart Switch 6
56 - 674
80 - 964
132 - 1594

8.3% of the actual power in all 3 cases.

I did a little searching and it looks like these are probably Tuya based devices?
They use non-standard Zigbee, so a lot of times do not work with the built in drivers.

Try this driver I found by searching the "Model" in the device data

Thanks, that works better.
Its 83% of the Smart Switch 6 now.
Second Tuya is also 83% average across 3 loads
Tried another Smart Switch 6 in the line and that was 96%, so closer than the Tuya.
Guess I need to get some test equipment connected for the definitive answer on which reads closer.

Can get 6 of these for the price of a Smart switch 6, so might have some more projects lined up if they turn out to be as reliable.

Let us know what are the measurement accuracy results if you can compare using a calibrated/trusted power meter., I expect no more than 10% error, but it may be greater on highly inductive loads.

Plugged 7 of these Tuya plugs into an Aeotec Smart Switch 6.
Put a current clamp on the live supply to a 900/2500W heater and measured the voltage at the heater.
They appear to be more accurate than the Smart Switch 6.
The current driver doesn't have the max/min values that are available on the Aeotec but for the price I am going to be using a lot more of these.

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That's a lot of plugs. Can you maybe elaborate on your setup? Like, how and what do you use to minimize the effect of a lot of reporting?

I've been fooling around with them, and find it hard getting a balance of reporting and 'chattiness'. Now, this 'chattiness' is based on Info level in the logs-I haven't seen a definite slowdown in hub performance, and I do have an Aeotec Home Energy Monitor reporting every 5 seconds. It's setting up a potential large amount of plugs that have me flummoxed.


I have a 3 clamp HEM5 I've tried to use on my Solar Inverter, 1 clamp on Mains charger, and 1 each on the outgoing supplies.
Can't find a 3 phase driver, so using the 2 clamp driver, and it doesn't update reliably, and the readings are probably junk.

My Solar inverter only has 2.5kW of Panels on at the moment, so I have set up the Tuya plugs to switch out loads (Electric water heater, tumble drier) to keep the load close to the solar output.
When the washing Machine is heating, it take 2kW + so the other loads are switched out.
Once the heating cycle has ended, the tumble drier is put back in, and the water heater if there is load capacity available.
My drier is mechanical timer, so just continues on when the power is back.

This is the setup of the Tuya plug I have on the Washing Machine.


That's pretty complex for me. It took me a while to get the HEM-5 and the Heavy Duty Switch working. Aeotec doesn't make it easy with the parameters, hex, conversion, reporting whatever; I never did figure all that out. I was getting negative numbers on the HEM even though I don't have solar (2 leg 240v. feed)-turned out if I put the 120 v unit power supply on the other leg, it went positive. No idea.

I like your driver for the Tuya plug. Is that a custom driver? It has a lot of options. I'm not familiar with that plug. Is it Zigbee?

It's KKossev's driver above, it is in the Hubitat Package Manager as Tuya Metering Plug, but the plugs I bought weren't branded Tuya, like a lot of chinese stuff, just repackaged by lots of resellers.

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I believe it is the chipset inside that comes from Tuya. Not sure how it all works between the "manufacturer" and Tuya, but the chips come from Tuya as well as the branded app. They do Wifi and Zigbee. The company marketing the device has it built around the chip and customizes the app to be their own. It actually seems like a great setup to get smaller companies into the "smart" devices game without having to invest a bunch of resources into creating their own firmware and apps. Bonus side effect is the devices all have similar settings and ZigBee protocols so a generic driver will work on many similar Tuya based devices. Unfortunately you also get a lot of sub-par devices out there as well.