What's wrong with my rule?

Hello guys,

I have a simple rule that works great when it was on Wink. When my Front door is unlocked between 4:30p-11p turn on light, delay 3 minutes and turn light off.

I'm getting the light to turn on, but it's not turning off, I tried a couple different things, I watched the official HE video on the simple light rule with delay but I don't know if i'm missing something or if this is another issue I'm dealing with.. I'm batting 100 with HE smh.


I added this part recently thinking this would work, but I was thinking of removing it but it seemed to be right. so I left it in just to get you guys opinion.
(upload://kc8GE95rzj6DSLMlLFt7zFrKbIc.jpeg) ![rule3|496x500]

I paused this 1 because this was the 1st 1 made and I felt this should have worked also. what's your thoughts? If anyone has the same type of setup, do you mind posting a pic of your setup?

You don’t have conditions defined so the triggered rule doesn’t know what false means. If you don’t need conditions you can use a triggered rule instead. Then set the lights to turn on and towards bottom of list you will see delayed on/off that you can add.

Here is example:

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Thank you! I will test this out when I can today and post back the results!