What's up with Updates? System Message says YES, Update check says NO

There seems to be a conflict with the availability

of a new firmware Hub update.

The release was pulled. I believe they found an issue with it.

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I have it running no my hub. The dashboard has multiple issues. Not a deal breaker for me because I don't use dashboard much d/t Homebridge and Alexa in my house. The fixes in RM and ML were what I was eagerly waiting for and so far so good, but I have been sick and not tested it much. This is what happens when I click on a tile's history. Same in Safari on IOS 13.1 and on Windows using Chrome or Firefox. I also have noticed that the "x" to exit out of the tile ends up behind the setting gear on IOS, but isn't an issue with a Windows browser. Other than that, I like the new look.

I should mention that all of my rooms in dashboard are there; no issues with things not being populated. I did just set these up over the past week on as I had previously deleted the app while troubleshooting my hub.

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It’s been re-released about an hour ago:

How come on my dashboard I no longer get the new updates available notifiation? I stopped getting them with 2.1.5 and I am not getting them with 2.1.6

Hubitat Dashboard has never provided update notifications. They appear only in the admin UI (so I guess you may have seen them if you used that to access Dashboard), typically accessed by navigating to your hub's IP address in a Web browser. If the update has been out log enough, you should see a notification in the upper right, but you can always to go Settings > Check for Updates to verify.

I seen them too in the Android app, but maybe was a test and then removed...

He's right. the system messages in the admin UI usually pops a notification system message showing there is a firmware update. This time it is not there. I had to go the Settings > Check for Updates and then I found the update and upgraded to it.