What's the reason for the 1024 character limit in dashboard tiles?

Why does Hubitat enforce a 1024 character limit for attributes in dashboard tiles?

I would like to be able to use a dashboard tile to change the value of certain device attributes on my custom devices. While the dashboard doesn't support this, I found a way to make this work by producing an HTML attribute with Javascript that calls back into the Maker API to do what I want. The problem is that often this results in attributes that are longer than 1024 characters.

Can you add a feature where we can set a flag when declaring an attribute that tells the platform to not persist its value in the database, and attributes with this flag set wouldn't be subject to the 1024 character limit? I don't need to store the history of the values for these attributes, since that isn't what they're used for; and since they're dynamically generated, I don't care if the value is lost on a reboot.

@gopher.ny @bravenel ?

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Simple answer is no, that's not practical. You will have to find some other way to accomplish what you're trying to do.


Just curious, but what about simply raising the character limit? Would 2048 characters be possible or does this incur some sort of unacceptable performance penalty?

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