What's the OS of Hubitat and why does the C8 take 3 minutes to boot?

I was just curious about what operating system Hubitat uses and why the new C8 takes considerably longer to boot following an upgrade than the C7.

What goes on during the boot process? Thanks!

Yeah , that boot process is something else. I have three hubs, 2 c7's and c8. When i do an update the 2 c7's finish and reboot in about half the time the C8 does.

The reason it takes longer is the new database format as well as some stuff it does before loading zigbee. As to what goes on, simply a lot of boot strapping of internal devices

Will that help to reduce the possibility of database corruption in the event of an uncontrolled shutdown? I think i just got to use to how quick it was on the C7, this seems almost agonizing. I'm sure eventually I won't even notice .

No. The reason the corruption happens is the same as a PC getting it's plug pulled and then coming back with disk errors. It's because power is cut during a write to disk and it's incomplete.

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