What's the Difference between the Zooz Switches?

Can someone explain to me what the difference between the Zooz Zen 71 switch and the Zooz Zen 76 switch is? Zooz hasn't updated their site yet for the 700 switches and the Smartest Home isn't that clear about the difference.

Yeah not sure in looking at the details.. maybe @agnes.zooz can help clarify!

Seems like the manufacturer site should have the info at the same time it passes zwave certification, or appears for sale on a retailers site.

Zooz dropped the ball on this one.

The only difference I see is in the load specifications. The Zen76 can handle up to a 3A motor load. The Zen71 is not rated to handle motor loads.


My assumption is you can look at the zen21 and Zen27 for electrical differences.

The zen7x series is just the 700 series of the zen2x family.


The differences between the ZEN76 and ZEN71 are the same as btw ZEN26 and ZEN21 as @steve.maddigan suggested.
The main difference is in 3-way wiring and load capacity. We also don't recommend the ZEN76 to be used without load and if you're looking to control smart bulbs, it's best to go with the ZEN71.

Both models are great for single pole applications but the ZEN71 is probably the better option since it's a 15 A relay (vs a 8 A relay on the ZEN76).

We're working hard to update the knowledge base as quickly as possible but in the meantime, feel free to contact our support for quick and comprehensive answers. @pltaylor3 if you reached out to us already and didn't receive a clear answer within 24 hours, please send me a message so we can address this right away with our support team.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


I hadn't reached out, I probably should have. Thanks for the answer and clarifications, it helps me out tremendously.