What's included in Hub Protect?

Noob question for y’all. If I subscribe to Hub Protect and my hub dies, can I simply buy a new hub and restore everything from the cloud without having to re-pair my Zigbee or Z-wave devices or reinstall WebCoRE (I run the non-native WC version)?

Ideally, I’d like a one-and-done restore process for my WebCoRE app, my pistons and all my devices. Does Hub Protect provide that?

Correct. Except you would not have to buy the new hub. It's a warranty service - so you get a new hub. Probably have to pay shipping. @support_team can clarify about shipping.

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That is correct:

"Hub Protect extends your Hubitat Elevation warranty for the duration of your subscription, as set forth in our Terms of Service. Should your hub fail due to a hardware defect during your subscription period, Hubitat will send you a replacement hub. Customer pays shipping."


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webCore having a cloud component requires extra reauthorization steps (just like any other cloud based integration), however all of your local settings, code, apps and devices migrate seamlessly.

I went ahead and subscribed to Hub Protect and received a confirmation email. The email contains a link to instructions that describe how to schedule cloud backups. When I follow those instructions and attempt to schedule a cloud backup, I'm asked to add cloud back and migration to my account. I've confirmed the hub is registered and has Hub Protect in place. What am I doing wrong?

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Try restarting. Or wait a little while. The cloud servers don't catch up immediately.

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