What's after Zwave node FF

I have many ZWave devices. When I look in ZWave details, I see that the node seems to have a limit (0xFF). I also see there are many unused nodes because I removed and re-add many devices at the beginning.

My question is: What will happen after a device is assigned to 0xFF ? Will it try to use the unused nodes ?

Actually the highest you will get on Z-Wave mesh is 0xE8 (232), and yes it will start to re-use unused node id's when it reaches the end.

Z-Wave Long-Range extends this maximum dramatically to 4000 nodes.


Thank you for your answer. Is it plan this year the long-range ?

We have tested LR on the C7 hub and the LR developer kits from silabs.. But decided to hold off on releasing as there are no devices available yet, and the standard was still changing.