What's a robust reliable zwave humidity/temperature/illuminance sensor with good battery life?

I have 10 of Aeotec Z-Wave Nano Switches.

So i'd like something that works with that zwave mesh reliably.
I live in Australia so my zwave is AS/NZS 4268 919.8 MHz, 921.4 MHz.

I got the aeotec multi sensor 6.

But the aeotec multi sensor 7 driver does not work well. Any selections do not update and falls back to defaults.

I use aeon multisensor 6 driver, then temperature works but i get less options to play with

this one does offer parameters but dont know how to set that in hubitat.

What's another robust reliable zwave humidity/temperature/illuminance sensor with good battery life? one that works well with hubitat. And offers alot of functionality like polling rate.

Honestly for that I would look at the NYCE zigbee sensor(s) instead. Or even a hue sensor. Z-wave wise if it's available for OZ you could look at the Zooz 4-in-1 but given your location I would look more to zigbee.

As an alternative, you could look at a weather station, like one from EcoWitt or one of it's variations. These offer a variety of sensors, including temperature, humidity, rain, wind, UV, etc. My outdoor weather station does have Illuminance, but it does appear to be a little skittish, but that is more likely my placement of the station and could be compensated by some adjustments to logic in the rules setup. They can report locally over RF to a Gateway device that then integrates with HE over Wi-Fi or wired connection (depending on the product you buy). If you're interested, browse the web and feel free to asking any questions you like, there is a strong group of EcoWitt enthusiasts here.


I have 2 Aeotec Tri-sensors (motion, temp, illuminance) and an Aeotec Multisensor 7 (motion, illuminance, temp, humidity, UV and something else I forgot) and all of them are working flawlessly and seem to get excellent battery life. I'm at 8 months since install and the batteries are reporting around 80%.

@a.mcdear you got Multisensor 7 yea?

I got multi sensor 6.

When i use multisensor 7 device type, the device does not work properly. I cant offset the temperatures (it reverts back to "no selection) and overall the item doesn't work properly. A bit flakey.

But when i use aeon multisensor 6 device type, then temperature offset does work and everything works well.

But i get less options than i did with multisensor 7 device type.

I guess i might just need to buy the actual multisensor 7.

My setup is primarily Z-Wave with one of the few exceptions being a Hue Outdoor Motion sensor (zigbee) I mounted outside my living room window a few years back and it's been pretty solid for me personally.

Works directly with Hubitat's default Hue motion sensor driver and allows me to customize the lux polling frequency, motion sensitivity, temp polling frequency, and set motion retrigger as low as every 5 seconds all the way up to 10 minutes if need be.

Unfortunately as far as I know the Hue Outdoor Sensor doesn't report humidity (so that plus zigbee may be a deal breaker for you) but other than that I have been using it to primarily monitor exterior lux throughout the day for a solid 2-3 years now and have not had to replace the batteries once.

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+1 for the @sburke781 idea of not relying on a z-wave sensor and instead using an Ecowitt weather station hub and one of their sensors. Since making that switch my temp/humidity/illuminance sensing has improved markedly.

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