What Zigbee Motion Sensor is everyone using in OZ land

Hello Everyone!!

Started my Journey of Home Automation recently with my HE / NUE Switches / IKEA globes / Eufy Doorbell.

Wondering what is the best option to go with for a Zigbee-based Motion Sensor. I am looking at a solution that has been tested & tried without/with custom drivers.


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The Philips Hue motion sensor is great. In addition to motion, it also does temperature and illumination and it’s really well built. They’re pricey though.

I also use the Sonoff SNZB-03, which only does motion. It is cheap and it shows in its build. However, I haven’t had any functionality issues with them.


I second @mattias’ recommendations and add Aeotec’s SmartThings motion sensor.

It has less features than the Hue one, but has been very quick and solid. I have at least a dozen around the house.

It does require CR2 batteries though where the Hue requires more standard AAA batteries for the indoor version and AA for the outdoor one.

I can’t speak to their availability in OZ land however…


Thank you guys for all the feedback.

I am confused though the below link is Phillips Hue motion sensor which is only $34AU and the Aeotic Smart things is about $40 bucks. So why do people keep saying that the Phillips Hue motion sensor is dearer? Or maybe i m looking at the older version?

The Smart Things sensors were one of the cheapest solid options when they were produced and sold by Samsung. Their price has shot up since they are now being produced by Aeotec, as was expected.