What usb stick and software would you recommend to pair with no security?

I'd like to pair a z-wave device that doesn't give you a security choice-it's only S0.
I'd like to pair with no security.
I understand a z-wave stick and software is required.
Can anyone recommend them, and how to go about it?

I saw an 800 stick on Zooz's store:

I bought the Zooz 700 ZST10 stick a year ago for this purpose. It worked fine.

For links to the software and instructions how to add without S0, see the PDF in this thread:


Hey, thanks!

I’ve been testing this stick for about a week. Works well.


Excellent directions in that pdf. Do I have @danabw to thank? Anyway, so far, so good. Awaiting on the Zooz 700 stick. I'm not ready for 800, lol.


Guilty as charged, but @erktrek was my co-author and guide as I worked out the details out so I understood them enough to write it up. :slight_smile:


Just received mine. In PC Controller 5, did you use "Classic Inclusion" to exclude and include the stick to the HE hub?

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