What type of smart bulb could I use instead of this one?

Since I can't use a smart switch for this light, I'm looking to use a smart bulb. However, I have a limitation in terms of bulb size. I'm currently using an A19 bulb with a T2 format. But I can't find an alternative that matches the bulb's dimensions. Do you have any ideas?


Ref: Amazon.ca

Are you not able to use a smart switch in general or just because you are using the Fluorescent Bulb? Options might be, smart switch with dimmable candelabra LED bulb with A19 adapter or smart Candelabra LEDs (sengled has some, but some people say they have issues with Sengled) with an A19 adapter. This is assuming the adapter won't make the bulbs too tall for your application.

Would an LIFX mini work? It’s shorter than a standard A-19 bulb.

the wiring for this light is not standard so I can't install smart switch. About the size, the problem is the width of the bulb.

The width of an A19 bulb, you mean?

What’s the width of that CFL bulb that fits in the fixture currently?

Edit: according to that Amazon listing, less than 2 inches wide. That’s a very narrow bulb.

Define not standard? Is it neutral circuit complete?

here is the current situation. Indeed I think I don't have neutral..

If it is on the same breaker as the outlet right next to it, then you can use a pigtail from the outlet’s neutral. That will let you install a smart switch.


MMm, interesting. I will check that! Thank you for the hint.

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