What type of LED bulb is this? What switch(es) will work?

I just moved into a new house and tried to install a Zooz Zen 26 switch in a three-way configuration on the stairway. After powering up, I got a pretty bright flicker when it was supposed to be off. I would estimate 30%. So, I did what I should have done first and removed the translucent bulb cover to discover this:

I have never seen this type and Google Image Search didn't help much other than to say that it's an LED bulb. Any suggestions on a switch that might work with that type of bulb w/out a flicker? I am assuming it is a bulb issue and not a wiring issue with my skills as an electrician.

Additionally and unfortunately, I discovered after it was too late that all of the other bulbs are the two-prong variety so all of my Zigbee bulbs are useless. UGH!!! Is that grounds to sue for a failure to disclose??? :grin:

Almost as if there’s a small current leak. Perhaps you need something like the Lutron MLC to be wired in series parallel (thanks @Sakman) with the bulb.

Is the Zen26 connected to a neutral?

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My only other brand of switches are GE and I think they require another GE switch in 3-way configurations.

In parallel with the bulb?....https://assets.lutron.com/a/documents/041294_lut-mlc.pdf

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I have several of these in my house and Lutron's dimmers work fine with them. If you preferred Z-wave, I would look at Leviton as they are most likely to work too.

I have various similar modules throughout our house, mostly running Zen77 dimmer (both one-pole and 3-way).

The only one that I can think of on a switch is controlled via Zen52.

It might be worth reaching out to Zooz - they are aware of some LEDs not behaving:

Does that mean the the LEDs are dimmable? I don't see anywhere on bulb that confirms that.

Generally, these bulbs are dimmable. Based on Samsung's data sheet (100mm 1600lm T24 ACOM Gen2 | SAMSUNG LED | Samsung LED Global Website), they should work.

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