What triggered my alarm?

As far as I can tell HSM tells me extactly when my alarm was triggered and I can see a log of my efforts to disable it. What I have not been able to determine is WHAT triggered it. A window opened? A door? Motion detected? I there an effecitent way to discover what set things off?

There might be a simpler way but I have RM rules that trigger on a change in the 20 or so devices I care about and then logs the value of the device. In this case it's motion sensors so I only care at night but you could easily change it to log onto on a particular HSM status instead of time of day.

in HSM there is a place under each of the arming configurations to create Alerts

select how you want your alert (text, audio etc.)

Select your device (I use text) so I select my phone, My wife's phone etc.
then in the custom message put
"%device% is showing %value% at %time% %date%" with out the Quotes

This will for Example the "front door opens"
I'll get a text message that says Front Door is showing Open at what ever time and Date it was triggered)

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Thanks Michael. I have the text message coming alreadyand I see now that all I have to do is add in the variables as you suggest and I will get what I want. Thanks for the info.

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