What to get from Ikea?

Going to Ikea today. Any recommendations on what all might be interesting to get/consider getting there in the tech/electronic/automation area? I know about the super ZigBee repeating USB and pop plug outlet... Anything else? My home is all in ZigBee at the moment with few wifi legacy plugs.

Symfonisk Sonos Lamp or Speaker... Cheap


They have some great AAA and AA rechargeable batteries! I usually get some when I go there.

Their Zigbee repeaters are great - I usually also get a couple if mine are all used…

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Maybe some of the Tradfri Shortcut Buttons, so cheap ... although no double-tap iirc.

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Their wooden coat hangers are awesome.


Ditto. Pretty high WAF on those, too.

At the first floor food kiosk after checkout...

Any of their "Sill" (marinated herring) mmmm good... oh, and the Daim candy bars if they have them.

Totally sure this wasn't what you were asking for.



I like their meatballs :slightly_smiling_face:.


The meatballs and a couple jars of lingonberry jam for me! :yum:


Did not know this...I tend to use Amazon Basics and such from Amazon for my rechargeables. I'll check out the Ikea specs.

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They are actually rebranded Eneloops with same exact specs, I also noticed they now have different capacity sets so you can get lower capacity (cheaper) for low power usage and get the higher priced max power ones for stuff like camera flashes (DSLR) and other power hungry stuff.


Finally, i got some rechargeable AA's and Tradfri shortcut button. I would normally have bought more repeaters, but now recently that I have started added Zigbee switches and dimmers in my house, I automatically have more repeaters in the house.

Had meatballs in the cafe. Daim chocolate bars were enticing, but wife was around, and the candy bag was too big :smiley:

Thanks all ! :smiley:


Hahahaha nice!!