What to expect if there is a power outage?

I can't remember the last time we had a power cut here, but some might be on their way with this unusually hot weather (the UK goes into disarray with one flake of snow, remember).

From searching, I notice some people lost their hubs altogether, and had to replace them. But what is the normal experience? Is it worth buying a UPS? I have backups, and subscribe to that plan that backs up your z-wave data. If I got a UPS is there a way to use the "shutdown" option on them with hubitat?

Yes but not that easily unless you specifically get one that has the networking abilities and has a custom integration already created. Otherwise you have to have a monitoring "server" running NUT, and then use the NUT driver.

Technically they should be able to handle a power cut just fine, people who lost hubs possibly it was due to surge (accompanied by an outage) that fried it, which a good power strip or UPS will also protect against.

I do have mine on a UPS along with my router and mini-server, main goal for me was to avoid everything going offline if the power goes out for a mere 5 seconds which happens from time to time.


Sounds like I may just need a surge protector then. If the power goes down I'd have to do without so much for the duration that it's hardly worth trying to keep the hub going :slight_smile: I've bought myself one of those power stations so at least I can run an electric fan for a few hours - but they don't switch over fast enough to use as a UPS anyway

That is very rare and it happens only when the power is restored and comes with a surge, and the hub is not on a surge protector.

Normal :slight_smile: Worst case scenario the db gets corrupted but that again is rare, however, Soft Reset gets you back.


I have my cable modem, router, Hubitat hub, Hue bridge, and Lutron Pro 2 bridge on a UPS. I also have a UPS for each of my computers. The UPS devices have quality surge protection, brown out protection, and power failure protection. Some surge protectors provide only minimal protection; if you go that route, be sure your get a good one.


I have my hub on a UPS. Well, actually... I have my hub powered with a PoE splitter and my switch is on a UPS. I use a Ring Extender to monitor mains power - it has a backup battery and will report when the power source changes. I could use that to safely shut down the hub but I really don't need to since I also have standby power.

The biggest thing I notice is my zwave mesh kinda goes wonky. Though my ring range extenders are on battery and will not take a hit while the generator kicks in, not all of my zwave mains powered devices (and thus repeaters) do. It takes 30 seconds or so for me to switch to standby power and in that time any mains-powered zwave devices shut down. When they come back up the mesh is a bit of a mess, with a lot of devices showing no routes. However, I have always found that shutting down the hub safely and removing power for 30 seconds or so does the trick.

Depending on your use case, another option is to use an additional device to detect power outages and take some action (e.g. trigger rules) based on this. Some devices,
like the Ring Range Extender 2, have built-in power outage notifications, or you can connect a powered relay with a contact sensor for this.


Sounds like that would miss the boat though? Too late when it's already down. Unless you mean I'd intervene while there was still power on the UPS. But I'd have no way to access the hub as the router would be down too.

Have a hub in my cabin which is off grid on Solar and Batterys. AC inverter shuts down frequently in the winter to protect the batterys. Next sunny day the AC turns back on and so does the hub. Never had an issue.

Power strip style UPS do exist...like this one.

I haven't set anything like this up, but, theoretically, couldn't you throw a z-wave/ZigBee plug in between the outlet and the UPS. Setup device monitor and a rule to shut down the hub if the plug has been offline for XX minutes.

WE recently installed Solar with a Tesla Powerwall2. With the heat wave in Texas we had a few blips Monday. While the power wall did kick over, there was enough of an interruption to kick everything into a power cycle. Once the router and hubs rebooted, I still had full control of my local devices. Looks like I still need to ad a small UPS just to bridge the gap between the grid going out and the powerwall kicking in .

HAve you seen this? Power Outage Monitor - Ring Range Extender - Rules Please - Rule Machine® - Hubitat

I was actually looking at the powerwall stuff yesterday, what attracts me to it is that it can take over whole home power for some time, while the little power stations will only help with stuff you can unplug from the wall and take to the power station or vice versa.

Ok so back to surge protection. My house has 3 separate fuseways whatever they're called these days. The room with all the comms and hubs in is on its own switched section (isolates main and neutral) and does not have any large appliances running in it. So probably the worst surge risk is from lightning. I think I am going to risk just carrying on as I am.

Yep, that is what attracted me to it as well. That was the first time I had seen it in action. I had hoped the transition would be a bit quicker/cleaner. At lest this time it was enough of a hiccup to send stuff into a power cycle. I think I'm still going to have to get a small UPS for more "critical stuff" (hubs, routers) just to ensure a smooth transition from the Grid to the Powerwall. As for surge protection. We have a whole home surge protector, but even with that, I still have the hubs, TV;s, computer on surge protection as well. I figure I can't be too safe.

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