What to do with a Free Sengled Bluetooth Bulb

So I got my mom at Best Buy a new Amazon Echo to replace her aging Echo Dot that I am setting up for Christmas. Not only was it $25 dollars off they also give a free Sengled Bluetooth light bulb that only works with Alexa. I am trying to figure out what to do with this bulb.

Since it only will pair with the Eco and I really don't want to do anything mission critical since it's tied to Amazon services, I am looking for idea's on what to so with it. Nothing at my Mom's house depends on the internet being connected for her automations just like my home. I was thinking about installing it in a lamp and have the color change based on weather forecast or maybe turn red when a battery becomes low in one of her battery devices.

Anyone have any good ideas?

Some Amazon Echo devices actually do support some very simple home automation capabilities without relying on the Internet. Since the bulb would pair directly to the Echo via Bluetooth, it may at least support simple On and Off voice commands without the Internet. Might be worth at least trying?

Or, sell the BT Bulb on eBay! :wink:

Update: Not sure is Amazon’s documentation is out of date, or if they eliminated the limited local processing on newer Echo devices… :thinking:

Amazon.com Help

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I believe any local processing is only available on the plus devices that contain the Zigbee hub.

BTW, I just checked BB online and they are showing this bundle at 34.99, 20 off. Amazon has the same package for 19.99.

This is what BB had:

At the Best Buy by her it was $49.99 in store to match BJ's. also you see the free Sengled bulb mentioned below the price.

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Ah, different echo versions. The one I posted the link to was the Gen 3. I did not notice yours is a Gen 4.