What speaker options exist for TTS, minus internet assistants?


I don't understand why this is stopping you from also using it for TTS? I'm not familiar enough with the HE Sonos implementation but I run a node.js server that handles my automated Sonos interactions including TTS and playlist controls. I fire those commands nicely from a single HTTP GET command. For TTS it will pause whatever is currently playing and then resume after TTS.


I’m confused too. Not sure what you want that isn’t there. TTS on Sonos is easy and sounds great.

As far as playing from iTunes, you can stream via AirPlay 2 on newer Sonos and the IKEA Symfonisk speakers. With older Sonos you can play from the iTunes collection on your device to your Sonos speakers via the Sonos app.


I never explained well. My home audio has 6 separate inputs. Sonos is one of those. The one we use (as my wife is home the most) is i tunes, conneted through our home audio on another of those inputs. So when we have channel 1 selected we play music from i tunes. If i select channel 2 i can play music from sonos at which point the TTS works. I was recently exposed to the term WAF or wife acceptance factor. If intry and migrate from i tunes i might have a mutany. I’ll check out one of the newer sonos systems amd see if incan use it to drive from itunes directly to my home audio. Best of both worlds perhaps. Thanks.


OK. Something particular I'm still not grasping, but no matter. Anyway, if you're not already aware, since your wife it seems is playing from her personal iTunes collection on a computer, you simply need to point the Sonos app to the iTunes library and it will find all of your music and make it playable right from the Sonos app.

As you can see here, I simply pointed to my iTunes files. This was a backup of my iTunes library that I moved off my phone and laptop and onto my Synology NAS to make more space available. I hadn't listened to any of my personal music in some time, and was just listening to streaming. Also as you can see, my Synology is named TimeCapsule. Why? Because previously I had an Apple Time Capsule and for purely WAF, I named it TimeCapsule. You can't change too many things at once or your spouse will tend to rebel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I was elated that with a few clicks my new Symfonisk speaker found all my tunes stored on my NAS, and within minutes I was playing them again. So in your wife's case she would just go into the Sonos application preferences (or you will do it for her), choose Music Library on the left, click the + at the bottom of the window and then navigate to the Music/iTunes/iTunes Music directory on her computer to make all of the iTunes music instantly available to the Sonos application.


Appreciate that.
Been there when we originally bought sonos. Never got the adoption then....dont expect will get it now.


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