What PWS does everyone use?

Does the lightning strike component communicate to the rest of the system?

Unfortunately not, it only displays on the main display that came in the package. I even wrote the company to see if it could. They simple said it's on the roadmap.

The new Weatherflow system seems well liked but only the US version is avail atm. It’s relatively expensive too at $300


Are there HE drivers for the components?

Not as far as I am aware.. the station provides its information via UDP broadcast and I am not sure if Hubitat can handle that (?).

There is a possibility that WeatherFlow will support MQTT directly soon - or offer MQTT Broker access via cloud. Either would be useful for direct integration with Hubitat.

There are two other threads

I have an EU system, and I am really pleased with it but my integration is via another HA controller which then re-exposes everything over MQTT so I can get at it in HE if needed.


Yikes! $300 and it uses an algorithm to measure rain? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

$105 for all the same readings (except lightning strikes) with the Ambient Weather WS-1550-IP. You also can measure indoor temp and humidity, which WeatherFlow does not. Has same IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa integrations, and there's a HE community integration which is working great.


Here's a UK version, but you'll have to bring these readings into Weewx first. Easily done though.

@Cobra has this station and has good things to report about it. Here's the Misol branded version available in Italy.

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Interesting.. that Ambient model is nicely priced for what it offers - it does make you look a bit like the Met. Office but can't fault the price.

For WeatherFlow you could add another Air unit , at a cost, to supply indoor measurements - and the KickStarter price was much lower back at launch. But it is expensive I agree.

All my previous mechanical bucket style rain sensors have got gummed up with leaves as I'm surrounded with woods so haptic suited me. Totally local IP access to data.

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I'm using the Ambient Weather WS-2902A also, and it's a good unit, no issues

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Yes, buckets can be an issue depending on your surroundings. Was very surprised not to have any leaves or other debris in mine over the last year I've owned it. My father's Davis Vantage2 is plagued with pine needles, pitch, and spiders. I can see the attraction to a maintenance free solution, as long as it's accurate. Did you ever have the opportunity to compare it to your bucket style sensor?

That's a good deal if you're looking for one with a display. Although I think I would still opt to use an additional temp/humidity sensor with it, since chassis heat build up is such an issue.

I know it sounds a stupid thing to say but I'm not so fussed over rainfall accuracy - and my bucket ones ended up showing 0 . I don't know how accurate the WeatherFlow one is. Onset detection of rain is useful and I got a nerd rush when within a couple of days of owning the WeatherFlow I got a lightning alert and shortly later a faint sound of thunder.

I see what looks like a version of the Ambient with an included colour display on Amazon too for not a lot more

I wonder if these really are EU licensed frequency versions.

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Yes, but the app we have available for HE pulls from Ambient Weather via their API. If you don't have an Ambient Weather branded station, it won't work. So any of the other stations will almost certainly need to be first imported into Weewx.

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I don't find this to be the case with mine.....I have a zooz motion sensor 5 feet from this chassis and the temps are always within 0.5 degrees of another. The Humidity reading is sometimes as much as 5% less than other sensors, but heat wise doesn't seem to be an issue.

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Ahh .. I see so they don't include that same cloud service.

I don't use Weewx but have heard really good things about it. It can be totally local I believe can't it, no Internet required and supports even MQTT ?

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Correct. There's a plugin

My PWS history shows It rained 3 cats and 2 dogs last week. (unspecified breeds)

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Weewx supports WeatherFlow and there's a Weewx driver that @Cobra wrote that supports APIXU for forecasting data (WU too, but that part is broken at the moment due to the API changes IBM made)

I run a Davis vantage pro 2 with meteobridge.


It's not integrated with hubitat yet.. plan on using the pi to get weewx working at some point.

I also use a Davis Vantage Pro 2. I used an inexpensive USB to serial cable with some connectors I bought off e-bay to connect the weather station to my Linux server. I use the weewx software to log data to the "Citizen Weather Observer Program", as well as to record data in my influx database. From there I can graph the data with the same Grafana setup I use for my Hubitat sourced data.

Cable build information came from:

I don't yet have a need to get weather data to Hubitat, so I haven't made that connection yet, but it's possible.

Some recent rain - unusual for this time of year here:

Did you see this?

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