What Lutron device is this?


Seen at a local University. Is this part of the RA2 system?


Looks like Grafik Eye. Reading about it - that's some seriously nice configurable stuff right there.


It's really only a bunch of load controls in one place. I have 6 of these, 5 in one small closet. The switch legs are home run to the closet, and you put this in the closet. Then you use keypads instead of dimmers to control the loads, and program what each button on the keypad does. As it turns out in practice, its a set of glorified dimmers in one enclosure. You get free custom engraving for the buttons. Generally, one doesn't use this for the presentable UI for a Lutron system, and they are actually somewhat noisy.


There are so many different collections of Lutron stuff. It's tough to determine what works together and what is meant to be part of a more extensive system.