What Is This Hub Warning Log Message, And How Can I Get Rid Of It?

It's been pretty constant since an early morning unintended zigbee radio reboot.
I'm not aware of any device that I have or had doing any automated firmware updates.

Did the ever popular shutdown/power cycle thing.
No hub warnings for 15 minutes. Fingers crossed.
The warnings seem to be generally a 10 minute thing, kind of like a Hue motion sensor reporting interval.

I had the same thing happening. It was to do with a zigbee device checking for firmware updates. It eventually goes away but will come back. I just ignore it now.

I'm not sure which one, or ones it might be though.
Link just came through...have to read it.
Thanks again.

Kinda sucks...no solution for you.
Like you, I'm going to have to wait and see if it comes back.

I like a Hue motion sensor for the crime...perhaps the one in the mailbox, lol.

Just coincidence it happened right after a zigbee radio reboot...I wonder?

click on the warn icon, it will take you to the specific device page

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This is the hub, man.
You ain't goin' to that page.

Oops sorry,wasn't paying attention and didn't see the sys:1. A way to confirm is simply open a live log then in another window open the device and click firmware update

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Me too...

Feels like one for the HE Dev's...

That's the problem. It was a null device. Who the hell knows what it was?
Anyway, it all seems to be in the past.
The ever popular shutdown/power cycle seems to have done the trick. For me, not @rakeshg , alas.

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Yeah probably have to look at engineering logs

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You know, with the time that's elapsed, I think I can check off "solution".
I can always remove it if it comes back, lol.

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YEah, I would expect the "null" won't go away... Probably worth getting looked at.

Up to you... if it stays silent in the logs, probably fair enough, if it comes back, probably worth investigating, if only for the benefit of others....

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Perhaps if the zigbee radio reboots come back.

Think of it like the doctor saying "if symptoms persist..."

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And in the mean time, get plenty of rest and consume lots of alcohol.


Call your buddies and brag?