What is the source of the "type" column in a devices log page?

I had an issue with a smart dimmer where it would go on every 2 to 4 hours. All these un-programmed actions reporting the "type" as physical in the events log. However I am positive they were not initiated by anyone of this world pushing the dimmer paddle. And at least some of the actions I witnessed that the lights were actually ON.

Upon excluding the dimmer from Hubitat these the dimmer never went on by itself.

Then deleting the RM4 rule, reincluding the dimmer and retyping the RM4 rule all is OK.

Still I'm curious where the "physical" / "digital" Event type is generated and how it could be fooled.

Anybody have any ideas?


When a command is initiated my the hub, the type should be set to digital, when initiated by the device then physical.
This is not a super accurate mechanism, there are a few ways it can be reported incorrectly.

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The physical/digital is set by the driver. If using an in-box driver, see Mike's answer above. If using a user driver you can look in the code to see where it is setting digital/physical.

In general most drivers mark anything that is initiated by the hub as digital (when you issue a command it sets a variable, and knows it initiated the event when the status report comes in), and anything that it receives an update from that it wasn't expecting (aka that previously mentioned variable is not set when the status report comes in) as physical.

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