What is the difference between Soft Reset and Hub Reboot?

Any difference between 'Soft Reset' and using 'Reboot' (on Details page)?

There is a big difference. Hub Reboot restarts the platform while Soft Reset removes the database that contains drivers, settings, rules, custom code, etc - allowing you to restore a backup. Soft Reset doesn't remove devices from your radios, so unless a backup is restored, devices remain connected to the hub without a driver (becoming standed devices).


So if something really goes wacky and a regular reboot and/or shutdown doesn't fix it, Then use a soft reset followed by a Restore operation.

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That is correct.

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Great, thanks. Are user apps, device codes, and File Manager files also part of the backup?

Yes... But if you were to do a full reset you would lose both your zigbee and z-wave radios... You would then have to manually pair everything back...Hopefully you will never have to do that and only on the instructions of support.

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Not to my knowledge. Files uploaded to the hub via File Manager have to be backed up manually.


Really? Could have sworn the few files I have were backed up and restored...Dammit now I have to look


What he said :point_down:


Learned something new today


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