What is the best way to trigger a virtual switch when a physical switch is pressed?

Since upgrading to the C7 hub (my C5 died), I have had problems with a rule that relies on checking to see if a Lutron dimmer switch was physically turned on.

The rule for the Virtual switch is:
Selected trigger Events:
Bathroom Light physical on

Select Actions to Run:
On: Bathroom Virtual Switch
Wait for event: Bathroom Light physical off --> timeout 1:00:00
Off: Bathroom Virtual Switch

I them have a rule for the lights that starts with IF (Bathroom Virtual Switch is off) Do stuff

What is now happening on the C7 hub, is that I will physically hit the switch to turn the lights on 100%, they will go on. I enter the room, and the lights will dim to the set level because the hub didn't seem to trigger the virtual switch, or there is a timing issue between the time it takes to set the virtual switch to on, vs running the rest of the rule?

Hi, I had a similar problem with a couple of Fibaro Dimmer 2s that used to register a 'physical switch on' press with no issues.
One day they stopped and the only workaround I could figure out was to change the trigger to a 'button press'. I had to adjust the rule slightly to include an action on 'button held' or 'button released', as both are physical switch presses.

I don't think those report physical on? At least I can't remember them doing this. They do report on and off of course, just not using physical far as I am aware.

So probably the rule is looking for an event (physical) that never happens.

It's weird that the rule does seem to fire though? As I have a dashboard that shows the status of my virtual switch, and I can watch it flip the virtual switch?

There is the system "mirror" sync app..

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Post screenshots of your rules.

So you are trying to override motion based lighting when you want it to stay on or stay brighter? Maybe explain with your screenshots what you desire to happen in plain English terms (ignore rule machine terms if possible).

Next question is why not use the Motion Lighting app? It should be able to do this if I understand your scenario properly.

Agree with @neonturbo, still trying to understand what specifically you want to do.

I haven't tried @erktrek's mirror sync app before but that looks interesting (Thanks for sharing!)

If you are just trying to link on/off actions... I have however been using "Switch Bindings".

I think the "Timeout" portion of your first post is throwing me off as to what you want to do though.

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Not my app - that's an HE system app so fully supported. Easy to Install and test.


They do report physical on. Only weird thing is digital on which give you blank.