What is the best watering device for garden

What is the best watering device for garden to use with Hubitat. I want to use one for my garden. The cheapest one and works with battery. I want to be able to set it to watering my garden 1 hours a day and skip it when its a raining day or set it to watering twice a day when its very very hot outside and sunny.

You should water in the evening to avoid burning plants


yes i know but i can also watering morning and late evening
but anyway i still didnt know with compatible device to buy on amazon

Rachio has an Integration built in to Hubitat. Multiple Zones and controls 24vac Sprinkler valves.

Obviously any ZWave or Zigbee relay module would power a sprinkler valve if you don't need 8 zones.

How simple are you looking to go?


The Orbit BHyve system has an community integration that works with Hubitat. I use it to water some outdoor hanging plants in the summer.

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yes i see it on amazon but not sure wich model is compatible with hubitat.. the have several module... mostly bluetooth

if i buy this model do you think that it will be fully compatible and integrated with hubitat?


Yes you would need one with the wifi hub. Then if you need more all you need it the faucet timer. You set up the app and then connect the Hubitat community integration to the Orbit login.

I’m planning to invest in the watering system from Gardena together with their lawn mover. Sadly there is no integration with Hubitat yet. :confused: (There is one with Homey so at least I know it’s possible to controll it with another hub)