What is the best most reliable RF/IR blaster for Hubitat?

What is the best most reliable RF/IR blaster for Hubitat?

I know there are Bond, broadlink, harmony hub and sonoff RF bridge.

I would be controlling atleast 10 RF devices ( blinds, switches, fans).

Which is the most reliable/fastest/best google and alexa integrations?
Basically I want to be able to put buttons into my Hubitat dashboard. Pressing that will then trigger the RF/IR blaster to do its thing.

I seen old posts but would like to know the latest news on what's best.

Thanks guys

Not sure how many people have quite that setup/experience.
Here is mine so far, with BroadLink RM Mini3:

  • How many do I have? 2
  • What do they control (only 1 thing each):
  1. Eufy RoboVac 15C Max
  2. Eufy RoboVac 30C Max
  • Reliability: Both have been EXCELLENT on reliability and have never failed to send a command of their own cause (I HAVE forgotten to plug them in once each and forgotten to turn one of the robots back on after cleaning, so not BroadLink's fault they did not run).
  • Speed: Response is basically immediate from when the command is sent from Hubitat.
  • Google/Alexa Integrations: None. I have not bothered. I put them both on a schedule to "tell" the robots to clean twice a day. I guess I could add voice commands to trigger cleaning/stop/return to home behavior, but I have not.

Disclaimer: There is no actively supported driver/app for these in Hubitat anymore (or if a new one has appeared, I have not seen it). The original creator of the one I use pulled the code and it does not appear anyone has come up with an alternative/replacement yet. It works fine and has not had issues but that does not help newer people trying to use it. It also does not appear to support the BroadLink RM4 Mini (I bought one, did not get it to work before the code got pulled, but around the same time one robot vacuum died, so I have not needed it).

one thing to note is if your RF has any encryption to it. i have somfy blinds, and while they operate on the same frequency, there is an encryption that forces you to use one of their remotes. i was able to circumvent this by buying a second remote and using relays to act as remote fingers. i can then trigger a virtual switch to control what i want on the remote

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