What is next in terms of hub speed? (Hubitat C-8 Pro)

I heard on a podcast that someone had picked up on an FCC filing for a Hubitat Pro. Don't know if this will include a faster processor?

Don't get me wrong - I love my Hubitat but I am constantly updating rules and I spend a lot of time looking at a green chasing circle!

Presumably this is not that easy in this form factor but wondered if anyone cares to speculate?


I am assuming this is the fcc filing.



Jesus another one already, it's only 10 months since I updated to the C-8...


Looks like that's it

I also see mention of BLE (Bluetooth) in the docs....



What Podcast? interested in tech podcasts that would discuss things like this.

Very interesting, but equally unlikely staff will comment in much detail about it publicly (since they rarely talk about future plans).


Hometech.fm. https://www.hometech.fm/

I love it. Gavin Campbell on these forums is on it. We used to be a Hubitat fan but has recently gone more to home assistant.

Oh, how exciting...
maybe some modest sensor data storage and GRAPHING capability in this one
...given the PRO designation. /s

Not holding my breath on that one. That is more of a software issue/feature that could be done on the current hub (aka doesn't take new hardware, so no reason it would be debuted with new hardware).

I guess we'll all see in due time.


I'm guessing that relates to allowing provisioning of Matter devices directly to the hubs without needing HomeKit/Alexa or Google home?

Wasn't the C8 found in the FCC docs shortly before being announced at CES last year? If that timeline is similar, this would be available or at least announced by spring.


Maybe? However, pretty much every vendor performs "Matter Commissioning" using the Bluetooth radio found in pretty much every iPhone and Android phone on the market. Not sure why Hubitat would want to add extra hardware to the hub, when they could just build out their smartphone app to perform this task? :thinking: :person_shrugging:

Note: Matter Commissioning (either WiFi or Thread) typically uses Bluetooth just to get the Matter device connected to the Matter network (passing WiFi credentials, security certs, Thread mesh info, etc...) BLE is not typically used after a Matter device has been commissioned.

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I expected to come via that app. I don't have an issue with it the way it is, but I remember some people were surprised or turned off that it needed to use a third party to connect. I also recall someone at the time saying it was a faster way to implement matter support at the time.

Sort of. The appearance on fccid.io coincided with CES 2023, but they didn’t reveal the hub formally during the event. It came out about a month later.

There probably isn’t a set timeline from posting on the FCC’s website to being released for sale commercially. So maybe it’s similar this time, or maybe not.


Hubitat is definitely leveraging the Matter Commissioning capability of Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. However, I am not suggesting that Hubitat will continue to do that forever. I believe they will add Matter Commissioning to the Hubitat Mobile App, in such a way that it is a seamless process to add a Matter over WiFi device to the hub. Matter over Thread devices will still need a Thread Border Router (TBR) - so unless Hubitat chooses to add a Thread radio to the hub, they will need to rely on third party TBRs.

Not sure if you've used Home Assistant or not? I believe the Home Assistant Mobile App can perform Matter Commissioning by using the BLE radio in smartphones. I am not 100% sure if it still leverages Apple Home or Google Home behind the scenes or not, though... :thinking: My guess, is that Hubitat will probably follow this design eventually for Matter device Commissioning.


I'm perfectly fine leveraging HomeKit. I don't have much matter at this point anyway. I keep thinking about it. I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. There are three or four things I can use it for, but I just havent convinced myself to go down that rabbit hole yet.

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Could the BLE be to allow pairing with Bluetooth speakers? With the added benefit of Matter stuff...


Understood. I am not suggesting you do... I was just trying to share information on how another platform has added Matter to their platform as an example for how Hubitat might eventually approach it.

I have Zero Matter devices currently. I do have one on order just so I can start messing around with it. I think I now have 5 platforms in my house that are Matter capable... Hubitat, Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Home Assistant. It will be interesting to see how well each one does.


I have no inside info.

But here is my uneducated guess - they probably added another radio to support thread and zigbee at the same time without time slicing, and it likely also had BLE capabilities in it.

My guess is that BLE won't do much at first but then they will figure out something to do with it later since it is there.

Will be fun to see which of these many guesses end up being right in the end!

EDIT: For the record, I expect a free Pro hub for every guess I get right. In return I'll give you an Clueless-esque "Oops! My Bad!" for each one I get wrong.


You can expect it, but.... :slight_smile: