What is Max Number of Devices for C5?

What is the max number of z-wave devices for the C5?

I was adding two Dome window sensors this evening and one added no problem, just like all the previous ones, but the 2nd one was never recognized. The 2nd one is the 5th of 5 contact sensors I've recently added so I am know I'm adding it correctly. However it is the 54th device I'm adding and am wondering if I hit the max device limit? I did some searches on the Hubitat forum, some internet searches and perusal of the Hubitat hub documentation and cannot find any info on the what the max number of devices is...if that is in fact the problem here.

If I did hit the max number of devices, is there a way to overcome this? ...should I get a second hub?? ...how do you integrate multiple hubs (currently have a C5 but I know the C7's are out now).

Thanks for any guidance:)

Zigbee directly connected devices to the Hubitat hub are limited to 32 devices. By adding mains-powered Zigbee devices, which act as repeaters, you can have ~1000 Zigbee devices paired to one Hubitat hub.

Z-Wave is limited to 232 devices, I believe.

oh wow, 232!!! ...hmmm, I wonder why I can't add this 5th of the same Dome devices (55th of total devices) I've added over the past few days, ugh! Come to think of it, I think there was a hub update right before I tried adding this last device...I wonder if that jacked something up!?!?

Firmware updates are downloaded and installed only when the user starts the process manually.

Try excluding and then perform a factory reset on the device and then try to re-pair it.

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Ok figured it out...I held the case tamper button for 10 seconds to reset it and then it was able to be included in hubitat zwave devices. Just weird because I added 4 previous ones without having to do that but this one required it for one reason or the other.

Thanks all for your help!

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