What is “ERROR 500”?

My Simple Lighting automation didn’t fire and I went downstairs to see if the HE Hub went offline again, but the light is still blue (as opposed to the red that I’ve seen with previous errors/drop-offs). I refreshed the Device Page and was given an ERROR 500 message with instructions to contact either support or the community if this happens.

Can anyone help me understand what this message means? My WiFi is connected and nothing else seems to be impacted by the connection.

500 is a generic catchall response. Internal server error.

You will also get that error if a device is deleted and you try to refresh/access the device page. Try browsing to the main page instead. Then go to the device page from there.

http://[hub IP]

Thanks guys. I got that error trying to load the Device page. I’m now able to access the Device page, but my Simple Lighting Rule isn’t firing again so I’ll just try to see if support can offer any other ideas besides disabling all of my custom apps.