What is a "Virtual test device"?

I've just been making some adjustments to one of my virtual switches used in a rule and I see in the "Virtual Switch" section of "Add Devices" there are two device types listed, one called "Virtual Switch" and the other called "Virtual test device". Both are shown as "Device Type" = "Switch".

I've been using virtual switches with no issued but out of curiosity what is the difference between these two virtual switch devices? I hadn't noticed this second option for a virtual switch before so I'm not sure if "Virtual test device" is something new. I couldn't find any documentation for it or any reference to it in this forum.


Interesting. Id be curious to know as well.

What part of the UI are you referring to? I don't see anything like that here:

Is it possible you have a custom/user driver installed with that name? Or if you're in the Rule Machine UI, that you added a device with that name (possibly a switch) and you aren't referring to the driver?

Find by Device Type: Virtual (25): Switch(2)

Good question! Maybe @bcopeland knows?

Are you enrolled as a beta firmware user?

It's not a Beta feature, it's in the public release code. When you click on the row for "test device" the following appears:

Thanks folks, especially csteele who posted a screenshot of where I am seeing this. In answer to the other question - no Iโ€™m not enrolled on the beta program.

My guess based on other peopleโ€™s bafflement is that this might be a bug, simply some residue of development/test code accidentally not removed for the release version.