What if the hub is missing in action

If I have zooz or inovelli switches/dimmers, and in future if I remove the hub, or maybe it is not powered on... Will those switches/dimmers continue to work as dumb switch to turn on/off the connected lights?

I am thinking mostly of future where if at all I need to move out of the house, can I just take my hub with me and let the switches fall back to mimic dumb switches.? The new house owner might not be a home automation enthusiast.

Yes, the basic functions of ON/OFF and Dim will continue to work without a hub. Or even if you never had a hub.

However this only applies to the devices (lights etc) connected to the dimmer / switch.

In addition, if you setup associations from Switch A to Switch B, those will continue without a Hub.

If you made the switches isolated from the relay, then No, they won't work when the hub is removed. Just set them back before removing the hub and moving out and yes, it will work.


I don't want to put words in @csteele's mouth (unsanitary :slight_smile: ) however I think he is saying that some switches / dimmers have advanced settings like disabling the local paddle control. In these cases removal of the Hub will not allow you to operate these switches.

There are other similar configurations with the same effect but they are usually used for more advanced / complex setups.

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Thank you for those words, tasty... You're correct.

The switches can be reset via button pushes. It's therefore theoretically possible for a new owner to get back to a dumb switch without a hub. It's completely unlikely they'd stumble upon the necessary sequence. The extra button to the side would be curious.. perhaps enough to pop off the cover plate and read that it's an Inovelli or Zooz and then hunt down enough details to know how to find the sequence.

In your scenario I would probably just factory reset all the devices for them before moving. Unless of course you have a bunch of associations needed for 3-way functions, those ones you would want to keep as-is.