What Have You Automated in 2023?

I could do that, but I want to be in direct control. If I don't do anything the heat goes on. I'm OK with that. One thing that would address the issue would be if notifications had prompting available, but they don't.

My newest ones are fixing my Echo Speaks triggers, unfortunately I’m not smart enough to work out portainer to work on my home server at present. Worked out how to create virtual drivers with multiple capabilities to trigger different things in echo without having a million virtual devices which I am quite chuffed about. Small wins.


Just was able to automate several of the Kitchen appliances. Thanks to @tomw's Smart HQ integration. We finished our kitchen update the first of this year. My wife picked the appliances and they were all Smart HQ. Never really even thought about doing anything with them. I had our old dishwasher partially automated with a smart plug, but that was basically it.

With the new integration, I can now monitor the dishwasher better. HE now tracks when the cycle is complete better and I can monitor when the door is opened and closed. So now I have HE track when dishes are clean and dirty.

A big one was now being to monitor the oven and make sure it doesn't get left on. Our old oven was fairly loud when it was running, but with this one you can forget it's on. Especially if just set to warming mode.

Also I can monitor all doors on the refrigerator and temps. I had been using Iris V1 sensors for temp, and needed to replace them , so this helps. It will now make a House wide announcement when the water filter needs replacing and send notifications.


What do you use for your snow melt system?

We have a wall mounted HTP boiler with 2 outputs. One for the basement floor and the other for the snow melt system.

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As you should be...good win.

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I'm just about finished with this project: zoned low-voltage landscape lighting. A Zooz ZEN17 is providing the zones and the control. Here's a pic of my transformer box just before I put it outside:


I've almost got the rule triggered by the motion sensors to light and inflate the Christmas inflatables when someone comes up the drive way. It looks like this when it fails...

and this when it succeeds...

Yes, I know the snow is not good for the ammo. Damn New England winters spoil all the fun.


I added smart blinds to my system. Using ikea fyrtur blinds, which work well and were the cheapest option I found that I liked. In my bedroom, they open to level 20 when my alarm goes off (using tasker to send next alarm time to hubitat), and then the level increases every time I hit snooze. I have a couple webcore pistons that do the following: When I get out of bed in the morning, a http request is sent to voice monkey, which causes my bedroom echo to asks me if I want to open the blinds (if not, then I turn on an override). They open completely at 8 am during the week and 10 am weekends. If its too warm outside and not cloudy, I have them close during the time of day that the sunlight is direct. If I turn my TV on, they close. They close if no one is home during the day, open if someone returns during the day, and close for the evening an hour after sunset.

I also have a hue dimmer that works well for manual control.

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Added a Zooz relay to our gas fireplace. High WAF!!! When the great room TV is turned on and temperature is below set point turn on fireplace. Fireplace can also be turned on via Alexa through the maker API.

Replaced Samsung buttons with Zooz remotes for use on bedroom night stands.

Next up is tinkering with BLE Tiles and espresence.

Forgive me but was the integration with the contact sensor pretty easy? I don’t know much about that side of stuff. I guess you had to solder the wires in?

Yes, I removed the magnetic reed switch and the soldered the pressure mat wires in place of it. I also had to modify the case slightly to allow the wires to pass through.

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I use Ecolink (Z-wave) contact sensors when I want to do this. They have terminals already built in...convenient. Plus, they have have been reliable. They might even make a Zigbee flavor...I don't know.