What Have You Automated in 2023?

It can be new tech you have introduced / purchased, existing tech you have made use of in a different way, or something old that you have given a completely new lease of life....

For me, looking back:

  • I purchased 4 Hue Tap Dials, which have become a key part to my manual control elements of my home, used to control lighting, blinds and HE modes. Very nice product... (Technically some purchased in 2022...)
  • I have also dabbled in the mmWave space with 2 Aqara Fp2's to pick up presence in my living space and Study, with mixed results
  • In recent days it has been nice to re-engage with the Bond team on their latest release and start to include my Alpha Motor blind into my automations
  • In a development space I have enjoyed playing with Tasker and learning more about HE App development to integrate my phone and tablets more into my setup

Oh, yeah, I also introduced a new hub into my setup, called a C-8.... worth a look if you are looking for a new home automation hub.... :wink:


Just playing matter stuff... Though I just did get a Litter Robot 4 and a Roborock q7 max+ to replace our crappy eufy robot. No real new automations at the moment.


I did go early, much like the shops nowadays with Christmas decorations and advertising. So you still have time to automate your cleaning regime.

I may install HADB and see how it goes... (Can't today, have an MRI). I have an HA instance running on my QNAP just to play with .... Probably will bring in the LR4 as well....

I converted a wired Bosch Tritech to send motion over zigbee using a door sensor. Way better than just a stock PIR sensor.


What do you think of it?

Right now this morning is it's real first run so not sure. It's mapping everything right now... @lcw731 has been running far longer...

Tempted to just say EVERYTHING :grinning: because we just moved into our new house in March, but most of the new automation work was actually done in '22, and the majority of the rules were copy-and-pasted from our previous house.

I just finished automating two sets of SelectBlinds by rigging two of the switches from a ZEN16 across the UP and DOWN buttons of the blinds' remote control. Getting them into Hubitat allowed me to tie them to a conveniently located Lutron Pico, and add them to the rest of the Lutron shades here that are sunrise- and sunset-automated.

Next up are two vertical blinds. I've got a SOMA Smart Shades 3 on order...


I added a pressure sensor in my office chair, that is wired to a Zigbee Contact Sensor. When I sit down on the chair, my PC powers on using Wake on LAN (WOL). I also use the 'chair sensor' to prevent lights in my office from turning off, if I sit still and my PIR motion sensor does not detect any motion for too long. This means no more waving my arms to get the lights back on.

I also added an Aqara FP2 motion/human presence sensor to my family room. After getting it dialed in, it has been working very reliably and quickly. No more lights turning off when we're on the couch watching (or sleeping through) a movie! :wink:

I have also added several UniFi Protect cameras to my system. I am using Scrypted to bring these into Apple HomeKit. Very happy with how these are performing.

2023 has been another good year for Home Automation!


Could you supply any details on this? If you already did, I guess I missed it.

I can see a pressure sensor or two under the legs of a sofa, bed, chair, etc.
The threshold could be adjustable, to compensate for the weight of the furniture.

I've never seen one, although I did buy a pressure mat, which I never deployed.

swapped a nodemcu with a zen16 to improve reliability with a dog feeder

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I’m really pretty impressed with the Q7 max+ overall. We’ve been running it at least once daily for about a month and a half. Doesn’t do doo doo well at all (yes, that meme is true). Once I had the self-empty dock get clogged jammed, and once the dust bin didn’t fully empty. Also, I need to pick up cords before it runs.

We have four to seven dogs and three cats, and it does a very good job of controlling the hairballs and dust bunnies. The mapping is excellent and refines the map further every time it runs.


I used this sensor and simply wired it into a contact sensor (i.e. it replaces the magnetic reed switch.)



I added Smartwings Solar Shades to my back patio and automated their open position based on lux, sun position and outside temp. It lets just enough sun in when i need it and keeps the excess outside.


If you get a chance or feel inclined after a little use let me know what you think. There are a few bad reviews on Amazon, Mostly good, but currently about 10% are 2 stars or less. Most online reviews are positive. Been thinking about getting one.

I have added a bit of "automation" or integration into HE this year. I use the term integration in some aspects as the devices are not part of an automation rule but are used so that I can control with Alexa...

I added a pool temperature monitor and a zooz outdoor switch to my pool heater so I can turn on/off the pool heater based on temperature of water.

I remodeled the kitchen and integrated new light switches/dimmers as well as control of the under cabinet lighting. Some of these lights are automated based on time of day. I added a zooz relay to the ceiling fan as I did not have another switch to separately control the fan.

I installed new Yoolax blinds and have integrated them into HE. These can be controlled by Alexa as well.

That might be it for new 2023 stuff, but the year is not over yet. I have just installed some Govee outdoor light and am working on integrating these into HE as well.

Winter is approaching and this provides more time to work on some of the more complex automation/integration stuff.

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My wife thought it was way too loud emptying...

The funniest "new" device is an old Aqara vibration sensor that I taped to the bottom of a snap mousetrap. I got a notification only about 20 minutes after putting it in place and thought it was a false positive. Great, let the troubleshooting begin. ...but nope, got one! I was ready to plunk down the cash to get a Dome Mouser, too, but they don't make them anymore. This works, juuust fine.

I added a bunch of Smartwings shades and the automations that go with them. I added some Blink cameras after Prime Day. The only automation I have is "Hey Google, pause the cameras" which flips a virtual switch and disarms them for an hour and a half. Good for eating lunch on the front porch.

I put my motion sensor under my desk near my feet. Even the smallest movement is enough to keep the lights on.


A couple of things for me - Power Monitoring my solar array and automations related to my EV took a lot of my time this year, along with setting up 3 Aqara FP2’s.

For the power monitoring, I’m keeping track of my production and usage to send supplemental electricity to my Tesla. There is a great community integration that allows me to vary the charging amperage which allows me to do this using their charger. I also have my Alexa Echo devices notify us if we forgot to plug it in, or thank us for doing so. I also use it to ensure that sentry mode is enabled when I leave the house.

For Aqara’s FP2’s, I have been able to use this to add to the lights automation in several rooms in the house which is really great!


That is perfect for your use.
I'm going to start searching for some pressure transducer sensors, or whatever, that could be provide psi readings.
Along with a plug-and-play zigbee or z-wave thermocouple sensor, which I haven't had any luck.