What Have You Added to Your Setup Recently?

I installed a couple of Zooz Zen17’s to automatically turn on and off some USB outlets that I have connected to a 12v battery that is itself connected to a 100w solar panel.

I have USB devices or batteries connected to those outlets and this allows me to have them automatically charged up when there is enough solar power. It also prevents them from running down the battery when there is no sun.

And one of these... just ordered it. Wanted the Rainmachine but they're out of stock and the Rachio gets great reviews too.


Of course, as you are aware, i just like pointing the irony of customer expectations. Charged them twice!

Check on Shelly Uni, it has various inputs to read different sensors and it has 2 small dry relays as well.

Thanks but that device requires power. I'm looking for something without power, so it can be placed anywhere in the garden within range of Zigbee/Z-Wave. Since my last post I've seen that outdoor awning manufacturers, for many years, provide simple beskope anonemeters for non-smart houses, that flip a dry contact when it gets windy, so the awning closes automatically, even while people are away, it's just a question now of finding the correct one with a dry contact, that instead of going to their proprietry awning/shutter control box, goes to a Door/Window sensor instead.

Which is the Tuya Zigbee device that you have trouble with?

EDIT: I just noticed the link to Walmart... @rlithgow1 can you send me a PM with the device Manufacturer and Model, as shown in the HE device Data section? There is a good chance that a specific driver already exists.

EDIT#2: Neo Coolcam ZIgbee leak sensor driver is now available : [BETA] Tuya NEO Coolcam Zigbee Water Leak Sensor


Here ya go., Like I said, I sent one to Mike Maxwell. None of the built in drivers work. It's detected as a smart blind lol... Let me know if you think you can do anything with it

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Recent Home Automation projects:

  1. Dryer notification... My laundry room already had motion sensor/temperature sensor and light switch to turn on the lights when we enter the laundry room. My dryer is 220volts so I couldn't monitor it like I do with my washing machines with a zen15... so I ducted taped a small zooz temperature sensor to the side of the dryer. The side of my dryer heats up quickly when the dryer is turned on. Wrote a rule that when sensor (on the dryer) is 4 degrees higher than the laundry room motion/temp sensor, the dryer is on. Contact sensors on the dryer door is also used to keep track if laundry is left in the dryer. Coming from Smarthings, I'm currently using ActionTiles for my display... one day I'll get around to looking at Hubitat's control panel, but ActionTiles is working for me just fine right now.

  2. Medication reminder... Now that I'm at that age where I need to take pills every morning and being the forget person that I am... I added a zooz vibration sensor to the bottom of my weekly pill box. If it doesn't detect that I took my meds during the morning hours, it texts me and announces that on my Alexa device as a warning.

  3. My robotic vacuum... I have the Eufy 11s Max. It doesn't have wifi...just a remote. I added the RM mini to it and have it programmed now with Hubitat and my presence sensors. When Hubitat detects that me and the wife left the house, it sends the commands... Hubitat->RM->Eufy... to start the cleaning cycle. I love this.. turning a dumb device into smart device with automation.

  4. Mini-split Automation... I have a Mitishubshi mini-split in my basement. Purchased the WiFi controller for this unit a couple of weeks ago and then installed [sburke781] amazing Unified Thermostat Driver for Hubitat for it. Works great!!! This helped me automate my basement as I also have oil heat downstairs but now depending on the outside weather, Hubitat can automate when to use oil heat and when to use the heat-pump.

  5. LED Lights... I have a 2 sets of Lumary 6" LED ceiling lights... this is my next project.


Very clever - I like this!

I have vibration sensors on my evaporator pan drain cap, and on the air-handler return. I've setup a reminder that reminds me (every hour) on the first weekend of all even months to pour vinegar/peroxide down the drain and change the filter. The reminders stop only when they detect that the vibration sensors have moved.

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Kkossev is really great with these Tuya devices - if anyone can get it working he can!

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Totally forgot to add..

  • iRobot - The integration is awesome. When my robot starts cleaning I run an RM that captures the state of all the current lights, turns all of the lights in the area to be cleaned on, then when it docks, it reverts all the lights to the state they were in pre-cleaning. Huge WAF, and I love it too.

These new strip type with IKEA TRÅDFRI driver joined directly to HE. Only turns on when all light are off and one of three motion sensors is triggered. They turn on instantly when the good night sequence is triggered and turn off after 5 min w/o motion.

This SwitchBot contact/motion/button in one, using this ESP32 integration for HA which I then sync back to HE.

Moen Flo, which was bloody expensive for me especially, but has already caught two abnormal problems, and helped me discover a faulty garden hose tap. Is integrated with HE with various different brands of flood sensors, and HA for flow rate triggering, which I use as part of my bathroom fan automation.

Deebot OZMO 937 is on order to try out because it was really inexpensive. I will most likely integrate it via HA to HE if it’s worth keeping. It supports Alexa, so I might integrate with that instead, since it’s likely to be easier to setup, and I can then just trigger routines from HE.

3 new Insteon 2477D dimmers

20 Pico remotes


I do like the way the light is a nice continuous beam of light on the floor, rather than my Hue strip under my kitchen bench that shows up the individual lights.


I used to use diffusers to make it the LEDs on my front port look less discrete. Maybe when I get new ones, I'll get the COB strips that @SmartHomePrimer posted.



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COB = chip on board. It's highly flexible LED "tape".

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What's the diff between those and a regular led strip (such as lifx or osram?)

Very density of LEDs and extremely flexible.


have a link? Now im curious... And how are they for outdoors?

No idea. But a covered porch should be ok.



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