What Have You Added to Your Setup Recently?

You will need some way to convert rotational speed into reduced resistance to use the sensor that @erktrek suggested (or any other contact sensor). Not sure how easy that is to do. Something like a potentiometer.

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Recall - those are dry contacts. So external current should not be applied to them.


Gotcha... yea, that didn't occur to me. Makes sense. Thank you!

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We moved a few months ago, so literally everything has been added recently.
Motion: Hue outside, Bosch in living areas (pet immune), and Sonoff in closets.
Sonoff door contact sensors.
Zooz 700-series dimmers and switches sprinkled about.
Zooz garage door sensor.
Zooz double outlet to track TV power (so lights don't turn completely off due to no motion).
Enbrighten dimmers and switches: mixed in to keep a viable Zigbee mesh.
Sengled bulbs sprinkled all over.
Sonoff outlets: one for a garage light and one that is just a TBD repeater.
Sonoff temp/humidity.
Gledopto USB strip was added to the back of the TV.
IKEA/Sonos picture frame speakers are being added now.
Sylvania garden lights.
Centralite 3-Series Pearl thermostat

At least that is what I recall adding since December. Nope ... forgot about the Smart-by-Bond fan in my wife's office.


That's the issue. I sent one to @mike.maxwell to play with. His first response is it's outputting some very non standard data (Which apparently is normal for tuya) So once he gets to really being able to anything (I'm sure everyone over there is slammed at the moment) I'm sure he'll eventually get it going.

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Pretty much everything that @erktrek said. Especially the probe. For instance, I use one (a dome) with my water softener. I put the probe on top and as the salt is used, it eventually hits the brine and alarms to my phone twice a day to notify me salt needs added. Add salt, lay now dry probe on top, rinse and repeat. Battery life may be better, I'm not sure.

If they've got the budget the one I'd suggest to look at is josh.ai.

Maybe something like this windmill, add a small relay, adjust the blades for activation speed.


Recent adds for me


  • Rachio Spinklr System
  • Sengled LED Bulbs for some additional fixtures
  • Sinope Outlet so my coffee purculator has fresh coffee ready for us when we wake up and auto-shut-offs
  • Various Aeotec leak detectors (previously Smartthings). Was waiting for these to be available to add more, hands down still my favorites.

Rules wise:

  • Introduced another "state" in my house via Modes called "Kids Sleep", which starts the routine at dims the lights and sets any closet lights opened, etc. to be much much lower.
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I love these as well, but not so much the new price.


A 30 hours local internet outage over the weekend due to old tree and close lines prompted me to finish a back burner project.

I found an app that runs on an Android phone that listens to http requests and sends out text messages over the cellular network. Using an old android phone and a text only cellular plan I'm able to have backup text notifications of important events even if my internet is down. Cost is less than $5/month

Since I use HE for my security system, one of my concerns was all the existing notification systems rely on internet connectivity to work. In the event of an outage no notifications would be sent.

I also added a contact sensor to my smart water valve (in the closed position) to ensure that during the weekly exercise test hat the valve actually moves to the closed position.

Turned an ordinary garage door remote into a smart button by pairing it to a standalone garage door receiver and an nodemcu running Tasmota.

All of the above was integrated through Node-Red

Nice! What app is this?

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I installed a couple of Zooz Zen17’s to automatically turn on and off some USB outlets that I have connected to a 12v battery that is itself connected to a 100w solar panel.

I have USB devices or batteries connected to those outlets and this allows me to have them automatically charged up when there is enough solar power. It also prevents them from running down the battery when there is no sun.

And one of these... just ordered it. Wanted the Rainmachine but they're out of stock and the Rachio gets great reviews too.


Of course, as you are aware, i just like pointing the irony of customer expectations. Charged them twice!

Check on Shelly Uni, it has various inputs to read different sensors and it has 2 small dry relays as well.

Thanks but that device requires power. I'm looking for something without power, so it can be placed anywhere in the garden within range of Zigbee/Z-Wave. Since my last post I've seen that outdoor awning manufacturers, for many years, provide simple beskope anonemeters for non-smart houses, that flip a dry contact when it gets windy, so the awning closes automatically, even while people are away, it's just a question now of finding the correct one with a dry contact, that instead of going to their proprietry awning/shutter control box, goes to a Door/Window sensor instead.

Which is the Tuya Zigbee device that you have trouble with?

EDIT: I just noticed the link to Walmart... @rlithgow1 can you send me a PM with the device Manufacturer and Model, as shown in the HE device Data section? There is a good chance that a specific driver already exists.

EDIT#2: Neo Coolcam ZIgbee leak sensor driver is now available : [BETA] Tuya NEO Coolcam Zigbee Water Leak Sensor


Here ya go., Like I said, I sent one to Mike Maxwell. None of the built in drivers work. It's detected as a smart blind lol... Let me know if you think you can do anything with it

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