What functions of Hubitat are retained when the Internet is down?

I was asked to create a presentation and demo as part of the job interview process, and I am presenting Monday. I am racking my brain as to what functions of Hubitat are retained when the Internet is down. I would greatly appreciate some help. Below are the items that come to mind, none of which seem compelling. Please know, I am not trying to be negative, but rather able to present the facts and answer honestly if questions are raised (all of my actuators and sensors are a mix of Zigbee and Z-wave):

  1. All control of lights, scenes, etc. will require me to open the Hubitat app or log into my PC, since my Alexa and Google home are down. Correct?
  2. To know the state of water sensors, door/window sensors, etc will require that I look at the Hubitat app. That is unless I flash a light or similar when a leak or other sensor event comes in.
  3. Door opens, turn on a light, will work fine.
  4. leak detected, shut off water main valve

These are just examples off the top of my head. Am I right? What other useful functionality would be retained when the Internet is down?

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All automations of lights, scenes etc. will continue irrespective of network connectivity (except those involving cloud connected devices). Local control of lights, scenes, etc will still be possible from devices connected within the home to the home LAN or WiFi, irrespective of the internet being down, using local Dashboards, Hubitat app, tablets or computers in the home.

The Hubitat app will continue to work locally when the internet is down, assuming you have a WiFi network and your mobile device connects to it while at home. The admin interface will still be accessible by LAN connected mobile devices, tablets and computers in the home.

The better question is, what useful functionality would be lost when the internet is down? First on the list would be Voice Assistants, then services such as IFTTT, access to cloud based devices, remote use of the Hubitat app, updating the hub platform software, creating cloud backups, etc. The majority of the hub's functionality would continue to work.


Also don't need app or pc. If you setup web dashboards, local dashboards still work over local wifi on you phone or tablet assuming your wifi net is on battery backup

Also, my Apple Home integration continues to work since that’s local and the main dashboard I use.

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Some of us lose our ability to obsessively surf the forums and bug the developers with dumb questions (mine not original posters) :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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