What feature is being triggered at start up?

C7 :

At launch of the hubitat app, I get a flash message to “enable location services for this functionality”.

I am not ising geofencing based events and typically leave location services off on my phones.

Where can i look to turn off the bit of software which is looking for location services at launch?

Sounds like you need to go to the Settings tab at the bottom of the app and turn off the Enable geofence option. Then, it will stop complaining that Location Services is not enabled.




Being relatively new, I do not have a mental map of where all the screens and options. It takes a bit of time to build that memory.

I knew it was geofence related but was not sure what was enabled.



see Settings - Enable/Disable geofence
a hot link to it

Would therefore be a nice mini-guide at the bottom of that msg wouldn't it.

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