What does this Zigbee route table mean?

Using the link that @danabw provided, http://your.hubitat.ip/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo , I get the following. I'm wondering what the two nulls mean? I just removed several zig plugs, but I hit remove on the device page.

What "nulls?"

In the route table entry

The blank "status:Unused" ones? Those are just unused at the moment. You can ignore them.

Couple things. Your repeaters/routers are not doing a great job. Ideally, inCost and outCost should be close to 1.

"null" is interesting. I think it means that a device has changed its 16-bit zigbee address, possibly due to changing routers - trying to find a better one.


Are those some sleepy (battery) devices that haven woken up? Or devices removed from your house?


Duh...finally saw the "null" entries. I must be blind...

Sometimes, it only takes a moment for the person asking the question to explain themselves a little better, or mark up an image to make what they are asking obvious. I'm sure everyone reading this thread would have saved much time had @velvetfoot done this:


Thanks for the supportive post. :slight_smile: I do feel sometimes that my eyes and my brain are struggling to stay in touch w/each other. :wink:

Eyes: Can you hear me now?
Brain: Sorry, what? I was thinking about having a root beer float...


I see null most often with my xbee repeaters. and they do flip their 16bit addresses regularly, but not excessively

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The plugs are all CentralLites. I took several out of the garage since I'm going to bag the zigbee smartthings presence sensors. The Hue motion detectors out there still work fine, go figure.

Regarding the nulls, to save the overhead/radio power of transmitting the full 8 byte IEEE address with each message, Zigbee devices get assigned a 'short ID' 2-byte address whenever they join the network. No matter If it is an initial join, or a rejoin, a new shortID always gets assigned by the parent (hub or router) the device joins through.

Short ID's get generated randomly, so there's potential for conflicts as only shortID's known to the parent will be skipped during a join/rejoin. But they are ultimately associated with their 64-bit address, so conflicts eventually get detected and resolved.

Most likely the nulls imply that the devices have rejoined the network (why is another story) and the database hasn't yet caught up in matching the device's 64-bit address (and given name) to the current shortID assignment.

Not trying to be an alarmist, but how's your Zigbee mesh performing? Looks like the hub can 'hear' much better than it is 'being heard', from the looks of the inCost/outCost numbers. It's always good to see at least one or two neighbors with both inCost and outCost figures in the 'best' category (meaning 1).

Don't be misled by the high LQI numbers; those appearing in the hub's neighbor table are indicators of inbound reception only. The high outCost numbers (they don't get worse than 7) indicate that all the repeaters are struggling to hear transmissions from the hub.


It's working fine. I was kind of surprised that the motions still worked well from the garage. I hadn't really thought of them when I removed those Centralite plugs, which I put in to help communication with the presence sensors. I'm removing presence sensing. I have to say, I'm impressed with zigbee's range. I have contact sensors out at the end of our long driveway in the mail box and package bin.

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I own 1 centralite zigbee plug(model 4200-C), and I'm not at all impressed with its radio, it actually sucks. Color me shocked, as the old Iris 3210L plugs , also made by Centralite, are incredible repeaters, routing for 20+ devices each.


That should not be how it goes, right? You'd think they would have just kept making the same wonderful plugs.

I would hope so, but you know how it goes. CEO says we need to cut costs, because replacing quality with cheap always thrills customers.-not
Others seem to like the 4200's, so maybe I got a bad one or it just doesn't "fit" in my particular setup?

I also have a few that I use for Christmas lights, and they've always worked. I like the way they look. That's all I got.

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