What does the built in "Device Monitor" app even do?

I am not quite sure what the built in app called "Device Monitor" is supposed to do. I set it up to check for devices that go offline -- but it doesn't seem to actually refresh the status on devices. I have several device marked offline "offline" for over 3 hours -- because I haven't used them in over that many hours. They don't check in on their own, but if I go to the device and hit "Refresh" it then shows as online back in device monitor.

I assumed this would do the refresh for me on the interval I set, but that's clearly not happening.


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Hubitat doesn't have a built in Device Monitor.

That looks like the app from Eric Maycock (@ericm ).

Basically it'll send you a list of devices that haven't reporting in after a set time. It can also send you a list of battery percentages.


OK yes what a fail on my part!!!!!! I had installed Eric's app and forgot it wasn't built in. Sheesh, I clearly have too much going on.


User created apps are easy to spot now. When you're looking at the app details, just click the blue gear icon in the top right and it will show you the app status page. Top right, you'll see "User Created App"