What does it mean when the hub is under severe load?

I get “Hub load is elevated” and “Hubload is severe”. What does this mean and what can I do?

Almost daily, my turn off lights rule fails. What can I do?

This usually means that a driver or an app is generating a lot of events in short period of time. If you see this message, check out the following document to learn more about troubleshooting problems with apps and devices:



As a start as well, turn down power reporting on any devices you may have.


As Mr rlithgow indicates... here in the Community, we see too often that devices have their factory default reporting periods set too often. It must be that manufacturers are so proud of their power reporting features, they send out messages 10x more than needed, at least.

Unless you're actively using a power report, go into the device Info page and dial everything back to Off or as close to off as it allows. Even if you are using the power report, evaluate how granular the report needs to be. Laundry monitoring is one example... the Washer is done... do you really need to know in 8/10ths of a second ? Wouldn't 5 mins be better? :slight_smile:


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