What does frequent Route Changes mean?

I have a Jasco light switch that has frequent route changes, typically 5-15 every few days. Some days it goes down to 1 or 0, goes Direct and stays put. But a few days later it's using a nearby device (like 8 ft away) as a repeater and route changes rise.

I've read that the algorithms used to optimize the mesh is a bit of black magic, but does indicate a device with weakening signal or some other problem?

I think it's because conditions change within the mesh and it's trying to find the best route. Beaming repeaters nearby usually stabilize this.

High frequency of route changes is indicative of a weak mesh. Adding repeaters would help strengthen the mesh. With that being said 5 to 15 changes every few days is pretty normal.


I have a repeater but after I changed its position many times to find a sweet spot, only once did it ever repeat and then stopped doing that after a day or two.

What is a beaming repeater? I have an Aeotec Range Extender 7.

Pretty sure the Aeotec is a beaming repeater. Found this nice description online...


I have aeotec 6's that work ok but I find the Ring v2's better. That said if you can move that repeater closer to that device then re pair the device, it will likely force it to route through that repeater.

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Beaming repeaters are needed for devices with FLiRS (battery powered that wake up every second to check if there is a message waiting for them). FLiRS was initially used for door locks, but recently other battery power devices are using this class. Most mains powered Z-Wave Plus devices support beaming these days. Lack of beaming repeaters used to be the source of problems with locks, in the past.

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I installed a new hub just for a single Yale lock. Why so many route changes with just a single device?

Short answer is it's having trouble keeping in touch with the hub. Is it working ok?

Not really, no. The hub is within 10 feet of the lock, through two walls.

Is there a repeating device close by? Something that acts as a beaming repeater - though most line powered devices do these days.

I have several devices in that area that are part of my first hub, including some line powered light switches and a couple of Ring repeaters, all on my first hub. I have mesh set up to share the Yale lock with the first hub.

Can you post your z-wave settings page instead of the z-wave tool? (The whole thing)

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The repeaters only help if the lock is paired to the same hub as the repeater.

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Yep. And I was having issues with the lock not responding to commands. So I added the Ring repeaters. Not much help. So I ASSUMED that adding a second hub closer to the lock would help since the Yale lock is a fringe device.

Do you mean this?

Oh OK I see. So the 2nd hub is basically a zwave repeater to support the lock? Make sense and yes I would think that would help. But the first thing I would do is update the firmware on your zwave radio!

Yeah but the whole page. That said, please click on your firmware update page to update your z-wave stack.


@Pantheon is the lock the only device on that hub?