What Do You Want to See in Your Hubitat Hub?

no as mentioned internal battery backup would limit the hubs lifespan as batteries wear out 2-3 yrs..

get an external battery ups etc life everyone else.

My list remains similar to what I posted for 2023.

A few others:

  • Fix the memory leak issues with the JVM.
  • Fix the issue where the hub locks up due to jumbo network frames. HE is the only appliance on my network that crashes due to jumbo frames.
  • Mobile UI is unusable.

I would like to see Rooms (more features), Zones and Sites. A way where I can put my devices into Rooms, my Rooms into Zones (Basement, Main Floor, Upstairs, Outdoors) and zones into Sites (All Home).

Concept would be I can make a rule where I can say if a switch or bulb turns on anywhere in my home (Site), I want that device to set it's dimmer level to match a Dimmer variable level. I can do this now, but I have to build out a rule that contains each device one by one. I would love to have more global control of my devices based on their attributes if that makes sense. Like do this automation on any device in the Basement if it has this specific attribute in the device driver.

  1. A modern GUI UI and app.
    This would use validity-checking, get rid of "whatever you do, don't click the back button" syndrome. Feels like DOS in a GUI age.

  2. Related to #1: An app for designing dashboards; resizable tiles (like resizing a photo), dump the grid - get with the GUI revolution.

  3. Geo-presence that works.

  4. MOST IMPORTANT: ZWave ghost removal. We should be able to click REMOVE, click a verification message, and have a device get removed from the hub. Period.


I was really hoping that this would have been fixed with the release of the C-8, since it requires a kernel patch. I can understand the reluctance to apply a kernel patch as part of a platform update for the fear of bricking the hub. But installing it at the factory with the release of a new hub would have been a good time to do it.

So many things that I run in JVMs have horrible memory leaks. The Hubitat platform is one of the better behaved vis-a-vis memory leaks. The absolute worst is a scientific image processing/analysis package called ImageJ2. The version I use is called Fiji. Really powerful, but I cannot process more than 15 or 20 large 12-bit images before it dies .....


Last time I checked supercapacitors didn't exist that could hold the Hub up long enough for the Hub to shutdown.

Remember a super capacitor that starts at 5V starts to drop immediately on loss of main power.

External is much better, more energy, more flexibility. i.e. I only want the UPS to hold for maybe 30 minutes or so, long enough to weather the short outages we normally experience in my area.

Others want it to last for day(s).

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Sure, it's better for some but not for everyone. We just want enough power to have a proper shutdown. Maybe the next hub won't take as long as the C8. I have enough backup power to last months but an accidental power bump on my hubs still give me chill so either internal removable battery or super capacitor still what I want to see on the next hub.

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  1. Dashboard - more like SharpTools but local.

  2. Bluetooth capabilities for sound and other stuff. Can depend heavily on add-on hardware.

  3. Is there an easy way to utilize RFID tags for tracking pets and people and other stuff, triggers, etc?

  4. Dishwasher?


I understand, but that would be an added feature that only addressed one group.

It would be better if the hub could be hardened against power interruptions. Not a programmer but perhaps two copies of the data base?

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These units are only USB 5V 1 Amp. You can use a decent battery pack used to charge mobile devices as a battery backup. I personally use this one from Amazon with my C-7 and it works fine. The battery pack is plugged into both the C-7 to power it and into the wall to charge the battery without issues.


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This can be done by utilizing DIY Hubduino project.

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If only this could be integrated locally. @josh


Funny, we clearly have something of a "dashboard divide." Both most and least desired investment. Different strokes for different folks, and no one is wrong, everyone has a different HA El Dorado.. I've spent time on them, but in the end the only reason I use my dasboards is to facilitate troubleshooting - I can look at a bunch of sensors and switches at once to quickly identify if there is an issue, and what it is. Other than that never look at 'em.

Automation is my holy grail, things happening w/me doing as close to nothing as possible.

However... my wife wants manual control over everything. So physical smart buttons abound, a few key things are not automated, and we both get to (mostly) live the HA lives we want...the best partners know how to compromise. :slight_smile: Sometimes our lifestyles collide, but overall it works well enough for us, and we both agree that dashboards aren't for us.

What I want in the future from HE:

  • Some additional work on Rooms (and potential additions as discussed like Categories)
  • Troubleshooting support: Some built-in views to replace having to build dashboards (graphic/color status of all of my motion sensors, or all my contact sensors, or show me the status of all the devices (motion, contact, switch, moisture, etc.) used in a particular automation. Doesn't have to look cool, just very simple graphics w/ability to show on/off/dim, open/close, wet/dry, active/inactive, etc.).
  • Improve the Zigbee mapping...at least for me my map just disappears while still being built up almost all of the time so it. Allow extracting the repeater>repeating info to a text file (Repeater X has devices 1, 2, 5, Repeater Y has devices 14, 32, and 47).
  • Built-in sorting and organization options for viewing automations in HE similar to the excellent app that @joshlobe is building.

My dog needs her evening snack, so that's all for now. She is small, but mighty in her control of me. :wink:


But seriously.... what what do people want to see in a new hub....? I'd like to see Dashboards enahanced.... Anyone else...? :wink:


This is me.

And this is exactly my wife.

We are both very happy with our Smart Apartment because near everything is automated
and absolutely everything has manual control.


My mind immediately jumps to Indiana Jones.... Just make sure you "choose wisely,,,,"...


The original saying is "Don't shoot the messenger" but maybe we can make an exception in your case? :wink:

We should do a housing exchange the next time we take a vaction. :rofl:

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Is that the new phrase for wife swapping?


There is a permanency element to this I am not comfortable with,,,,

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Never going to take the chance - way too much risk my wife would prefer the swap (any swap) to me. :wink: